Wood Beads at Jewelry Supply

Looking for wood beads? Crafting your own jewelry piece with wood beads? Need some beads for your art or jewelry project? If your answer to these questions is yes, then there’s nothing best you can do than to go to Jewelry Supply.

Jewelry Supply is basically one of the most well-known bead companies in the United States that supply and distribute all types of beads to the public market. They are located near Sacramento in California and they have been operating for a number of years now carrying a particular goal in mind – to lead the beading industry. With that aim, the Jewelry Supply is doing much of what it can offer just to fulfill that goal. They are continually offering some of the most precious and valuable wood beads and other products, with the best prices and customer service. I bet this dedication and commitment is what makes the Jewelry Supply a popular beading destination in America.

Woods Beads Offered by Jewelry Supply

The wood beads at Jewelry Supply now come in a massive number. Each bead possesses distinct features and each is deemed precious. They come in different styles, sizes, shapes, colors and designs. They also differ in price, depending on how much work and quality is given to the pieces. The good thing about the wood beads at Jewelry Supply is that they are all crafted with great attention to details. They even feature a finish that is of great quality.

Ordering and Shipping Policies

As a supplier of beads, the Jewelry Supply has maintained its own set of ordering policies for their customers to follow. So if you are thinking of buying wood beads at Jewelry Supply, then you need to read and understand all of their ordering policies and terms. Note in the first place that the company had set certain minimum order limitations for their wood beads and other products. Those who are ordering the beads domestically can expect to receive the products within 24 hours. On the other hand, the international orders are shipped in just a matter of 7 to 10 business days. But, for the order to be shipped successfully, certain payments should be considered and the right shipping address should be provided.

The Jewelry Supply is also maintaining certain return policies for their wood beads and other products. So if you think you need to return the wood beads you’ve purchased for certain defects, then you are guaranteed for such right with the company’s return policies. To make your ordering process successful and hassle free, it would be best if you’ll read first all the policies maintained by the company before considering the wood beads at Jewelry Supply.

Note that you can now purchase wood beads at Jewelry Supply through their site online: JewelrySupply.com. The site is accessible any time of the day or night.

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