Things to Know About Swarovski Beads

You have probably heard about Swarovski beads. Well, this type of bead is basically one of the hottest crystals beads available on the market. It has crystal components and is designed and shaped with the use of a machine cutter. The beads are also polished to obtain the best appearance, and it’s worth knowing that today, the Swarovski beads are noted as the highest quality crystal beads.

Being so popular, the Swarovski crystal beads are often imitated. The imitations came out as a result of the ever growing number of people demanding for luxury items. It is sad to know though that with the rise of such demands, more and more imitators are emerging to provide the public replicas of Swarovski. And, since they are now everywhere, finding authentic Swarovski beads can be a bit puzzling.

Although that said, there’s no need for you to lose hope. There are ways to identify the right Swarovski beads. And, the best move to take is none other than to know exactly the basics of Swarovski.

The Swarovski beads are created by Swarovski Company itself in a unique and special process. They particularly use a special compound that imitators of this brand cannot duplicate. It is this special compound naturally that molds and allows the exceptional qualities of the Swarovski beads to emerge. Aside from that, the real Swarovski crystal beads feature a color palette that is beyond compare.

While those qualities are basics to Swarovski beads, they are not at all helpful for identifying the authentic pieces. So while knowing those things, it is important to note in mind that the real Swarovski beads when sold are not strung together. They rather come in package with different sizes and they are packed in well-branded wrapper. Sometimes, the Swarovski beads come wrapped in sealed envelopes. Today, there are some authentic beads made by Swarovski that are sealed with a genuine silver toned hologram carrying the name “CRYSTALIZED”.

The Swarovski beads are created in perfectly uniform shape. They are cut through a machine and they are uniform for the fact that they are cut with the same width, height, and even the slope dimension. It is this character actually that sets the authentic Swarovski crystal beads from the handmade replica beads.

Speaking of cut, the Swarovski crystal beads are cut into multiple facets that are all identical. The facets are considered to allow the beads to produce excellent light reflections. The reflected lights, however, are first calculated and tested by computer prior to the beads’ release. In addition to that, the authentic beads created by Swarovski have a facet juncture that points up. Simply put, all of the junctures meet up at exactly the same angle. And, unlike the imitations, an authentic Swarovski bead features no bubble inside the pieces. There are no scratches and other forms of imperfections on its surface.

You can find all of these things only at the reputable suppliers of Swarovski crystal beads. So when you purchase a package, go directly to them.

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    I knew it! I ordered some swarvoski crystals online and was so excited for them. I waited and waited and when they finally arrived I found that they were fake. they had a dull shine and on the package it said rhinestone. I was upset because i ordered a large amount over 100 beads. Now that it’s been confirmed here that there are imitations out there. i will definitely save these tips and I know i’ll be more aware when i go shopping online next time

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