Shell Beads

Do you believe that the first items employed for bead crafts came from organic materials? When you come to think about it, a whole lot of sense is made especially that such pieces do not easily wear out even if given a duration of more than a year to last. A perfect example is shell beads where the oldest identified kind dated back to 38000 BC. A fossilized one, can you ever imagine how antique the shell is but until now has been preserved?

General Idea Since this planet is dominantly surrounded with waters, shell beads can be obtained from any country all over the world. These items used for bead crafts are not difficult to spot because they grow altogether in a single area. There are also a lot in remote cultures that refer to the inherent desire of humanity to utilize pieces from the environment just to gratify their wants. On another note, shells are not only limited as a means to decorate because its functions appear to be endless.

Aside from shell beads for bead crafts, there are regions that employ shells as a currency. Instead of paper bills, such natural items have been the alternative. These organic materials are also used to seal contracts in a written agreement between two parties. There are also people who give it as a dowry before marriage. This practice is very popular among communities that faithfully carry out what has been passed on to them by their ancestors such as in Kenya, Africa.

Practical Importance It is said that there has never been a period wherein shells were not regarded as necessary. Even in mundane situations, shells will always have a role to play particularly at these contemporary times. The bead craft industry has been finding a niche in the fashion arena. The items have been transformed as jewelries that can be worn on the ankles, arms, ears, neck and shoulders. Setting aside the stylish line, shell beads will never be missed out when you set your foot on a beachfront that is a hot spot for tourists. There are plenty of those materials that can be availed in souvenir shops for foreigners to take home with them.

Even as you stroll along the coastline, you would find yourself enjoying the luxury of picking up shells that you can readily employ as supplies when you have the opportunity to start on performing bead crafts. When you cannot find any which is actually very impossible when you are on the sandy shores, there are shell beads available especially that the business is growing so the demand for more produce has also increased. You do not even have to worry with the cost because a scoop can be bought at a cheap price.

If you happen to spot shell beads, keep it right away because in one way or another, you will discover the significance.

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