Prayer beads

Many religions in the world have adopted prayer beads as a symbolic way to count the number of repetitions of prayers, chants, and meditations. Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, and Islam all use prayer beads designed according to their religions prayers.

World’s religions prayer beads

Buddhism For the Buddhists, prayer beads are known as “Japa Mala”, which are widely used in Mahayana Buddhism and with fewer beads consisting all in all of 108 beads. The prayer beads of Pure :Land Buddhism is made of 27 beads. The Chinese call their prayer beads “Shu-Zhu” which means, “counting beads” while it is “Juzu” in Japan.

There are shorter rosaries used in Buddhism as well, called “prostration rosaries”, which are handy when reciting prostrations repetitions. For those who’ve seen a statue of Buddha, you might notice Him wearing prayer beads on his neck. Buddha stayed in Tibet until his death and the Tibetan Buddhists use an imitation of Buddha’s prayer beads, which consists of 108 beads divided into three segments. Original Buddhist beads materials come from the wood of the Bodhi, a holy tree that stands to where Buddha was enlightened.

Christianity In the 4th century, the Desert Fathers made use of rope knots to count prayers whereby the Jesus Prayer was most often recited. The invention of the “prayer rope” can be credited to St. Anthony or his associate priest St. Pachomius. For Catholics, prayer beads mean the “Rosary” that marks the five mysteries each having ten beads called a “decade”.

A complete rosary consists of twenty decades (as per instruction of the late Pope John Paul II). The loop of one rosary is divided by a hanging cross which signifies an end of the 150 prayers.

Hinduism The Hindus were among the first religions to use prayer beads, which are likewise called “Japa Mala”, consisting of 108 beads. The mala, a Sanskrit word that means “garland of flowers”, helps them count 32-108 prayers. Hindu malas come from seeds of the tree Rudraskha. Rudraskha when translated means “Shiva’s Eye” and also holds the meaning “Pleasing to the eye of Shiva”. The Hindus believe that Shiva sat in meditation with eyes open for 1,000 years. The first time he blinked after that, the first tear that fell from his eyes became Rudraskha seeds.

The divisors of a mala may be charms like bells or metal thunderbolt. The Hindu tradition in India is to rarely use the left hand in holding the mala. Another Indian Hindu custom is never to cross over the Guru Bead, the top bead, instead go backward and forward.

Islam Islamic prayer beads are called “tasbih” or “dhikr” made from clay and consists of 99 beads and one marker colored differently to specify the beginning and end of each cycle. Each cycle has 33 prayers for reciting subhan’Allah (meaning Glory be to God), alhamdou’LillAh (praise God), and Allahou akbar (God is Great). The 99 beads likewise symbolize the 99 different names of Allah. Praying serves as a unifying means between the Muslims and their God, Allah.

The use of prayer beads in Islam are said to be as old as the religion itself, when companions of the Islam Prophet Muhammad used pebbles to count the prayers. The history of attaching beads onto strings is not clear though.

How to Clean Your Pewter Beads

Cleaning your pewter beads can be one of the most exciting tasks you can consider in your free time. However, it is a task that requires know-how for the reason that just like the other precious stones on earth, pewter beads have their own properties that require a certain level of gentle touch and care.

Pewter beads are shaped and crafted from prized alloy. This alloy is produced from tin and is added with small amounts of antimony and copper to reach the desired strength and durability. The pewter has been deemed as the fourth most precious metals in the world, following platinum, gold and silver, and this recognition is what basically makes the pewter beads worth possessing and highly valuable.

Being the fourth most precious metals on earth, the pewter beads have properties and characteristics that are to some degree unique from the other precious stones. On the most basic, the beads are said to be too strong for it to withstand the test of time. They boast a notable brilliance that gives the pewter beads the great value they are enjoying right now. It is even more valuable as the beads are shaped into different sizes and styles. And, perhaps what’s nice to know about these metals is that although they come in different forms, they are easy to clean as they do not require amounts of polishing or any other special treatment just for it to retain its beauty and brilliance. Yes, the pewter beads are not susceptible to rusting and deterioration in any mode or way.

With such nature, the pewter beads are so easy to take care. It can be cleaned even periodically with a polish designed for pewters, or something that is all-purpose in nature. This periodic cleaning is necessary for the beads to stay shiny and brilliant. And, the good news is that finding the right all-purpose polish is so easy with lots of them available out there on most specialty craft stores, or hardware stores. When selecting the polish, avoid those that are designed for brass and silver beads for they can only ruin the finish of your pewter beads.

For ultimate result, clean your pewter beads by washing them first in warm and soapy water after use. Avoid using any types of bleach or any detergent that you think is harsh. This is important as the beads can be stained easily from certain substances or foods. Aside from that, never leave your pewter beads near the burning oven or a hot plate. Note that the pewter tends to melt when it is placed close to hot flames. As far as I know, the beads made of pewter can melt at 450 degrees of heat. And, when polishing the beads, always hand wash and use a non-abrasive cloth or something that is so soft to achieve great results.

If you think you are not capable of handling all the cleaning procedures needed by pewter beads, then it would be best if you’ll leave the task to a professional.

Perler bead designs

Involve your children in some artwork or make them discover the artist within by giving them fun-filled activities for any occasion like Perler Bead Designs. Perler beads are colorful plastic, fusible beads that can be created to serve for decorative purposes like refrigerator magnets, picture frames, fancy jewelry items, and even toys.

The endless Perler bead designs make them a great activity to do with your child. It’s also a bonding moment for both of you while enjoying crafting Perler bead designs. Perler beads and Perler bead designs will surely delight any child with all the wonderful crafts to be made. The best thing about Perler beads is they come in kits and are available in major department stores nationwide like Wal Mart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Rag Shops, and Acmoore.

Perler Bead Designs for beginners Perler Bead Bracelet is a design that features six flowers, another with four flowers, and pony beads serve as spacers between each flower. Secure these materials, and you’re ready to begin: Perler bead kit with circle board, thin elastic cord, iron, nail, thick needle, and sharp pencil.

To begin with, make as many flowers as desired to make the bracelet, pick a color from the center of the circle board then surround it with complementing colors. Follow the directions in the kit on how to iron the beads. While the beads are still warm, poke a hole through two of the circles opposite of the flower using a nail, needle, or pencil. If the beads have been left to cool, drill holes using a small drill bit. String the flower beads into the elastic cord. Finally, tie it up to form a loop. That should be a piece of cake.

Now let’s move on to more intricate Perler bead designs like the “heart-shaped box”. The pattern below may be followed religiously or use them as guides to make a special design. Along with a Perler bead kit, prepare these materials: small hear-shaped pegboard, matching thread or floss, and a thin ribbon.

Using the pegboard, outline the heart with Perler beads using the desired colors. Once the beads are ironed, lock the thread using an overhand knot and attach the four layers at the bottom to each other. Continue with this procedure until the heart shape is formed. Don’t forget to knot the thread after going through the last bead.

For the next step, attach the heart shape that will serve as the box top by threading a thin ribbon and lid, and then tie the ribbons in bows. If that seemed difficult without a diagram, this site can further help you out. The official site of Perler beads also offers Perler bead designs for free.

Perler bead designs help to get beginners get accustomed with the whole idea of beading. Being productive during past times is not hard. All it takes is a little imagination and the right kind of stuff.

Pearl Beaded Bracelet

If you are looking for an elegant ornamentation that will complement your evening cocktail dress, what better way than pair your wardrobe with a pearl beaded bracelet. When you to choose to don with the jewelry, you will never go wrong because it will match fantastically. Not to mention, more than a touch of sophistication is exhibited. If you happen to look for the piece, shopping just about anywhere will lead to what you are looking for.

Cultured Types Right before a pearl beaded bracelet is created, do you know what process it undertakes? Basically, when a tiny foreign element is introduced to the body of a mollusk or an oyster, the organism generates a soft covering of nacre or also known as, calcium carbonate. Afterwhich, the raw material slowly grows then harvested when reaching maturity. Since this natural method occurs rarely, cultivators inject microscopic substances into the aquatic specie for more production.

Fresh water is a cultured type of pearl beaded bracelet. Regarded as a cheap ornamentation, this comes from the rivers and lakes of China. Fresh water typically has an asymmetrical contour with a dimension between 0.7 mm to 3.5 mm. This jewelry has a sheen ranging from medium to high which mostly appears in white but you can also spot tints of red or pink.

Tahitian is a cultured type of pearl beaded bracelet. Boasting of a grayish- green shade, this is farmed on the seismic island of Tahiti which explains why it has the name. Tahitian is large that are either 11 mm or 13 mm. This jewelry can be normally spotted as round with a rich sparkle. Due to such characteristics, the rate of which on the market is higher compared to others.

Akoya is a cultured type of pearl beaded bracelet. Originating from the salty seas of Japan, this arrives in a symmetrical figure with some little flaws. Akoya measures 6 mm to 8.5 mm which has a plush shimmer. This jewelry falls into the average pricing with a cream to white tint that will not fail to capture your sight.

South sea is a cultured type of pearl beaded bracelet. Obtained in the regions of the Philippines, Australia and Indonesia, this is huge that can be raised up to 13 mm. South sea can be collected in either black or white. This jewelry will cost depending on the gleam it gives.

You can no longer wait to get hold of your very own pearl beaded bracelet? Before you head to the nearest store, remember that there are six factors to judge the quality of the ornamentation such as luster, thickness, texture, color, form and size.

Paper Beads

Aside from recycling those sheets stacked in your drawer, what do you think you can still do which you can benefit? Well, it is none other than paper beads that you can transform as a personal accessory.

How to make one? The first thing to do with paper beads is to create a series of “V” shapes all over the sheet. Make sure that there is an allowance of half an inch on the biggest end then taper the smallest tip to a certain point. For stability purposes, do not go beyond the measurement suggested. Even while you are still following the step- by- step instructions, you can already incorporate your ingenuity by employing scissors that have decorative- edges to create an interesting look.

To continue with the paper beads, always have a glue stick beside you. It would be better if you buy a product that is water- soluble so cleaning would not be much of a hassle. On the unprinted side of the sheet, cover it with an adhesive agent. Moving on, beginning at the biggest end, roll firmly towards the smallest tip then wrap around a cotter pin, plastic stitching needle or bobby pin, among the others. The choice of tool will depend on how huge is the hole desired. To finish, paste the ends or tips in order to hold the head shut.

What are the tricks? If you are entirely new to the craft, you might just consider paper beads as a complicated project but actually, it is not. To help you in your initial stages of immersion, here are tips that will assist you in not breaking a sweat.

Cylindrical paper beads are done by employing a hand- held punch that has a small hole. Thump random gaps on the sheet so when rolling, the bottom layers can be seen. Once you are done, the trinkets will not entirely have the intended shape but if you pile up different pages, the result will surprise you. Also, before the dipping procedure, drape the thread so that it will lay evenly smooth. You can even add pigmented additives or metallic dyes to play with your colors.

Stringing paper beads are not completely that easy to perform especially in perfecting the skill. One way to develop is to utilize a sharp knife in slicing the ends or tips after drying. This will actually help in generating a flush material. Nice effects will absolutely emerge which will make you really feel good about your handiwork. Aside from the positive sensation, the material can be a great focal charm of a bracelet or a necklace.

So next time you do not know what to do with the sheets stacked in your drawer, you can by all means change them into paper beads.

Pandora beads

The Pandora name is more than just a Greek mythology character, however, the Pandora jewelry takes much inspiration from the tale – hope and opportunity.

Pandora’s lavish sterling silver jewelry traces its origin in Scandinavia where its line was launched in 2002. Pandora beads hit the U.S. markets in 2003 while its seasoned designers based in Copenhagen, Denmark come up with unique designs fabricated from sterling silver and 14-K gold. The uniqueness of Pandora beads lies in the wearer who selects and composes the jewelry according to a style he/she desires.

Getting started on your Pandora jewelry Having your own Pandora creation begins by choosing a bracelet that costs $21 or a chain for a necklace at a starting price of $49. You can choose your Pandora closure by selecting from sterling ball clasps, 14-karat gold lobster clasps and ball clasps. Pandora chains are available in oxidized silver, bright silver, or 14-karat gold.

The first original patented Pandora bracelet was the first to enter the US market. The chains feature “threaded screws” on the sections that serve as divisions for your Pandora beads. The raised screws help keep the beads from rolling out of its designated place. The decorative clips are meant to conceal two threads on the chain. The clips can cost $20, and Pandora has several designs available to suit the style you’re creating.

As soon as you have selected a chain, you can now begin selecting Pandora beads fabricated from sterling silver or 14 karat gold with prices starting at $16.50. Your Pandora creation will depend on your creativity and the type of style you wish since Pandora beads designs range from letters, decorative designs, floral, zodiacs, animals, semi-precious stones, dangle charms, Murano glass, diamonds, and many others. Pandora also has “spacers” that you can place in between the beads to create a varied look.

Sterling silver beads create a casual look while you can also go for gold using a gold chain or two-tone silver, or go all gold. You can freely experiment on your Pandora jewelry by arranging different types of beads for varied occasions, moods, or clothes. The total price of your Pandora jewelry will depend on the type of beads you have chosen for them, but to give you an idea how much a complete bracelet would cost: for a two-toned silver and gold combination for instance, estimated cost would reach $1,835.45. This bracelet features a floral design will “spacers”.

Maintaining your Pandora jewelry The next thing you need not worry is keeping your Pandora beads glossy. Just get a polishing cloth meant for silver and make sure you wipe the jewelry before and after using them. Be extra careful not to immerse your Pandora jewelry in a jewelry cleaner solution since it will take out the oxidation that some Pandora beads are treated to.

Ojime Beads

Said to have instant powers that will mesmerize a lot of people, Ojime beads are considered to be very special. Most of the initial impression of the item is an animated charm where one cannot help but come closer for a look. If you happen to see the accessory, you will find out how small yet attractive the carvings in the boxwood that exposes lavish details and intricate undercuts. There are some people however, who suspect that the piece is only a cast replica because of how blemish- free the original result is.

Origin From 1654 to 1868 or better identified as Edo Period, there were compartmentalized containers that were employed to hold acupuncture needles, medicinal herbs and personal belongings. In the start, Ojime beads were very simple which purely served as a sliding closure located above the “inro.” Soon enough, especially in the Meiji Period which is from 1868 to 1912, the boxes with dividers turned out to be a symbol of taste and status. It was then the onset of the item evolving as a beautiful molded accessory with challenging expressions of the skillful artisan.

Tradition If you are familiar with the national costume of the land of the rising sun, you know that a kimono does not have any pockets. Due to such, both the local men and women would be dressed in a compartmentalized container which is dubbed as “inro” typically hung under the obi, a broad textile belt on two cords. Above the string, a netsuke is anchored primarily functioning as a toggle. The smaller Ojime beads dish up as a sliding closure to lock the lid.

Significance The patterns of the Ojime beads suggest the mundane concerns of life as well as literature including myth and poetry. There are also items that exhibit the natural surroundings and indigenous customs. Accessories that were produced out of exquisite pieces such as rhinoceros husk and narwhal tusk are believed to possess magical properties and protective elements innate to the material. Take for example two fish paired together, it symbolizes harmony that is deemed to fight against evil.

Value In the rich culture of the Japanese, Ojime beads play a significant role. Most of the time, the item is engraved in elephant ivory but there are also others that are constructed out of tortoise shells, jade, gold, silver, coral, lacquer, glass and whale molars. Those accessories that dated back to the ancient periods have been treated as favorite collectibles by the natives. When you refer to a global scale, the pieces are regarded as the most precious.

There may have been plenty said about Ojime beads but fact remains that the item is essential in the mores and ethos of Japan.

Nicole Richie’s Beaded Dress

Beading certainly lifts a little black dress out of the ordinary.

Look of the Day: Nicole Richie’s Beaded “Mullet” Dress

“The gown, embellished with beading and sequins, featured long sleeves, an empire waist and a lengthy train. However, the striking black number didn’t overpower the her petite frame. The look was completed with classic black pumps and a simple box …StyleBistro”

Nicole Richie's beaded dress

Definitely looking good, Nicole!

Making beaded watchbands

What a great idea!

Making beaded watchbands fulfills Grand Rapids woman’s lifelong pursuit of …

“Lora Conley buys castoff watches at garage sales, replaces the batteries and creates beaded stretch bands that give these watches a new look. She uses beads that she takes from necklaces. GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Lora Conley has been making things most …The Grand Rapids Press –”

 Beaded watch bands

I hope this has inspired you to use beads in a new way!

Murano Beads

Not only is Venice in Italy known for their gondolas cruising on the narrow canals, this European region is also home to the skilled artisans who have influenced Murano beads that are complex in design. There are a lot of various approaches an individual can employ in applying the craft which also depends with the result one has in mind. From the very beginning such as the variance in shades until the end of completing the process, manufacturing these accessories should be performed with utmost care.

Initial Stage The method in fashioning Murano beads is commenced with the generation of color canes. The thing alone is already a challenge to the artisan no matter how skillful the person is. There are chemical elements involved in the highly sensitive fabrication just to obtain an absolute mixture. For example, the warmth exude by aquamarine can be attained when combining both cobalt and copper. In the other hand, the sensation exhibited by ruby red can be accomplished through a gold solution as toning agent.

Unique Items Murano beads have manufactured some very popular accessories such as Conterie, Millefori and Rosetta.

Conterie is also known as seed beads which are round and small. These kinds are fashioned by forming hollow tubes that have been colored then chopped in tiny sizes. Afterwhich, it is refined for the texture to be smooth.

Millefori is also known as lace beads which are attained much the same as with the others. However, what sets these kinds apart is that there are more colors employed and the cane is not empty but instead, is entirely solid in nature.

Rosetta is also known as chevron beads which are accomplished with six sheets of colored glass that has to be in correct order of white, blue, white, brick red, white and blue. These kinds are grounded in order to come up with prototypes of five concentrated stars having twelve points.

Technique Utilized Majority of the Murano beads are employed by an approach dubbed as wound lampworking. It uses a torch for melting in order for the artisan to easily shape the glass. At these modern times, the method no longer practices flames that have been fueled by oil. Even with the fact that the procedure started since the primordial age, it only blossomed in the European region in the 1300′s. Since that time on, the fame of which had spread all over the continent.

There are still other types of Murano beads aside from what were featured. There are the likes of blown beads which have been discovered when the artisans can actually soften the canes and puff the glass which is better recognized today as Filigree, a delicate jewel with twisted threads of silver and gold. When you roam around the malls, you will not miss this sophisticated class that has been a favorite of every elegant woman.