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Nicole Richie’s Beaded Dress

Beading certainly lifts a little black dress out of the ordinary.

Look of the Day: Nicole Richie’s Beaded “Mullet” Dress

“The gown, embellished with beading and sequins, featured long sleeves, an empire waist and a lengthy train. However, the striking black number didn’t overpower the her petite frame. The look was completed with classic black pumps and a simple box …StyleBistro”

Nicole Richie's beaded dress

Definitely looking good, Nicole!

What is a Beading Table?

Remember when you were a child and your mother or father would take you to the pediatrician’s office? Remember all those little toys that the doctor had, little race cars and teddy bears? Do you remember the beading table? Well, if you do, then you had a pretty strange doctor. Not many pediatricians have beading tables in their offices, but what they did have was normal bead tables. It might not seem important but there is a very large difference between a bead table and a beading table. Bead tables are small, plastic desks that usually have three or four multi-colored wires sticking up through the tabletop in different directions. Each plastic wire has multiple large colored beads that children push through, following the twisting wire to their end. I remember those when I was a kid, and although I never really understood the point of them, I always had to push all of the beads to the opposite end of the wire.

Old Times around the Table

On the other hand, a beading table is a place for a few people to sit around with a ton of different beads and everyone creates masterful forms of artwork. Sitting around the beading table, people share ideas and techniques for beading, be it a new move to tie off the bracelets or a telling the others about the new type of beads that you found online. Contests, even races can be held around beading tables, where all of the people sitting have the same time to complete a certain design, and the first person to complete it correctly wins. Beading, some people say, is one of the lost social arts of the past. Nowadays people are too busy in their life to just sit down and make something, everyone is out and about with no time to slow down.

These Days…

Of course in these rapid and convoluted days not many people have time to sit around the beading table every Sunday and share, but fortunately a woman by the name of Deborah Roberti has created an online version, a site called Around the Beading Table, in which she offers different bead patterns for sale. In addition to that, she brings back the atmosphere of old beading tables by offering tips and tutorials for techniques that may be a little complicated. If that’s not enough, she even offers her own reviews of beading books, telling you which one will be the most helpful for what you need. You can find her site at, and from her site you can browse her favorite links to other types of beading sites.

Finding Children’s Beading Classes

There are many adults who participate in beading activities, but it should be known that children can very well participate here as well. In fact, children’s beading, although relatively unheard of in the past, has really taken an incredibly positive turn over the past few years in particular. Children more than ever are becoming engrossed with the hobby of beading, and there are now various children’s beading classes and organizations that are available to supply the demand.

What Beading is

Beading is a hobby that is not only fun and enjoyable but can be profitable as well, depending on what you want to get out of it. You can just bead for fun with your friends and family in your spare time or you can sell your beading creations and make yourself some money. If you are interested in the latter, then you will want to make sure that you have enough time and effort to spare in order to be able to actually produce any profit.

Children’s Beading Classes

Children’s beading classes are a really great opportunity, a way for children to learn the basics of beading and then expand their knowledge as they go. They also get to meet other children that are interested in beading as well, which will in turn increase their socialization skills. Not only that, but the children can learn to work together, trading their own beading tips and tricks with the others.

Children’s beading classes are usually quite inexpensive, and the trickiest part is actually finding out where these children’s beading classes are located in your area. The first place you will want to go to is your child’s school. Speak to the principal or even a teacher there and ask if they offer any sort of children’s beading classes. If not, then perhaps they may know whether there is a community or other center in your area that does.

Otherwise you can search on the Internet, and by doing even a quick five minute search you should be able to come up with some great results. Use any search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, and then type in the search phrase ‘children’s beading classes’. You will be referred to a page of links leading you to the various options in your generalized area.

If you wind up with more than one option, take a bit of time to compare and contrast between them, taking issues such as location and price into consideration to help you make your decision. The most important thing is that your children are going to have a lot of fun learning about the hobby of beading while at the same time making some great new friends.

Beads and Beading Storage Tips

Beads and Beading Storage Tips


Beads and Beading Storage Tips

By John Freda

It’s amazing how fast one can accumulate a large number of beads and bead accessories. If one is not careful before you know it you have beads all over the place. So it is a good idea to get into the habit of storing beads and beading items in an orderly fashion.

There are a number of ways to go about this but probably the most common way is to classify the beads by the type of the bead, then bead colour as opposed to bead size.

When starting out with only a small volume, a quick easy method is to place the beads in small clear plastic bags, the sort that have a zip lock across the top so the beads are easy to see when handled. This way the beads do not spill out of the bags by accident. These plastic storage bags can then be placed in something like a shoe box to keep them all together. If you spill the beads on the floor, especially carpet a couple of times, you will learn fast why having zip lock bags is a must!

Once your collection of beads grows in size, variety, colours and types, then a more robust method of storage is more practical. A good suggest here is to again use clear containers along the lines of small multi compartment box sets such as you see electrical or screw sets come in. This way the various types of beads can be stored in their respective colours, sizes allowing them to be easy seen. The containers are also easy to stack on a shelf or in a cupboard. This also allows easy selection of whichever container of beads you require without pulling out the whole collection.

When selecting multi compartment containers preferable go after the ones which have a lid for each compartment rather than ones with lids over a number of compartments. This minimizes the chances of losing the beads all over the place when you open the lid, as well as stopping the beads from jumping between compartments.

If you have a nice little work set up for you beading and you have a bit of shelf or wall space then go for the multi compartment sets that allow the containers to individually slide out. Again its a good idea to stick with containers which have a clear end so you can see the bead contents in the container.

If you have a series of small round containers then you can organize them on a length of reasonable thickness wood with holes drilled in the wood the size of the container. This allows the round containers to be placed in the wood like a peg in a round hole. The length of wood can then be screwed up on the wall, thus keeping your work area free of boxes and containers.

For those who like to be more mobile or like to take their beads when meeting up with their beading friends, then the use of a fishing type box with lots of small compartments. These type of boxes allows space for beading accessories which can be very handy. Again get one which has tightly closing lids over the compartments so the beads don’t travel between spaces while you are out and about.

For more ideas check out Buy Wholesale Beads and Rosary Beads.

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Beading From Needlework Patterns

I truly admire artistic needlework, but (sadly) I haven’t found the time to give it try. Still, some of the patterns are truly magnificent, and many are available online to use for free — which makes them very tempting to translate into beadwork patterns! Yep, with a little work, it can be done. You just need to select a pattern with sufficiently blocky detail, and decide which grid-aligned beading stitch to use: square stitch or loom beadwork.

This article contains some good site links if you’re interested in needlework patterns and turning them into beading patterns.

Anthro Knock-Off Earrings | My Girlish Whims

A really cool tutorial!  Make these earrings yourself, rather than paying a stack for them.


Beading Excellence | Handmade Artists’ Forum Blog

Check out this blog for some great designs and information from CJ Bauschka.


Trelawny residents get creative with glass beads

Great to see beading being used as a way to help people improve their lives.

International glass bead expert, Professor Kudjo Owusu of Ghana, demonstrates how the clay moulds with powdered glass are to be inserted in the kiln for the heating process.

THE HEART Trust/NTA’s Falmouth Vocational Training Centre (VTC) is equipping residents with skills to become entrepreneurs and to serve Trelawny’s burgeoning tourism industry, recently offering a training programme in the old and beautiful art of glass bead making.

The Educational Value Of Beading For Children | Our Kids Blog

As instructors with Beading Buds (, a travelling jewelry making service that attends at children’s birthday parties, private school afterschool programs, summer camps and fundraising events to work with children and assist them in making beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry, we have become experts in using beading to assist with a child’s development.

Beading helps pre-school children with their dressing skills and pencil grasp and control.  Beading helps school aged children with math and problem solving skills, visual motor and perceptual skills and cognitive skills.  The planning aspect of beading helps children of all ages with organization skills and completing a beading project provides a sense of accomplishment in finalizing a project that offers freedom of self-expression and togetherness with the other children at the party. This can contribute to increased self-esteem.

Beading promotes children’s’ development in the following four areas:

1)  Visual Perceptual Skills:

Visual Discrimination, Scanning, Visual Memory: When making a pattern the child needs to use their visual memory to remember what bead to use next.  By using visual discrimination and scanning all the different beads they can select the bead that they need next to continue their pattern.

Eye-Hand coordination: Threading beads onto a string involves coordination of the child’s hands, and requires their eyes and hands to work together.

beading jewelry making home 233x300 The Educational Value Of Beading For Children


2)  Fine Motor Skills: Grasping: When children are selecting their beads, they use different sized beads, this causes them to use different grasps.  When they use larger beads they use the “3-jaw chuck” grasp.  This is great for preschool children because it helps them train the muscles that they will need in school to use a pencil. When children choose small beads they increase the strength and coordination in the small hand and finger muscles.  Children also use these muscles when they pick up a bead and put it onto their beading tray and when they place it onto the beading wire to create their beading project.

3)  Cognitive Skills: Planning and Math Skills: Children develop their planning and math skills by deciding what pattern they will create. How many beads will they need?  How many beads of each colour, shape and size?  How long should the beading project be?

4)  Social Skills:

Beading Parties help children to interact with each other.  The children find and trade beads with each other, this promotes sharing and cooperation.  The children help each other with the design of the necklace, the first children to finish up assist the children that are a bit behind, this helps the children to work together as a team in a group setting.

Finally, beading is just plain FUN, and FUN is always good for kids!  For more information on how to use beading to assist with your child’s development feel free to visit Beading Buds at

Definitely true! I know my daughter loves beading, and it really is good for her coordination to thread beads onto string.

Vintage Copper and Turquoise Colored Beads Go Together – The Beading Gem’s Journal


This is a pretty bracelet. It was made using vintage copper because the wearer has problems with the acid in her skin damaging her jewelry. The idea was that vintage copper was already patinated, which might protect it. It’s pretty anyway!