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Semi- Precious Beads

Not only are semi- precious beads attractive, it is also said that they possess mystical powers which has been a hit as a raw material in bracelets coming from diverse religions.

Jade is among the examples of semi- precious beads that have been a favorite stone when making certain jewelries. With green as mostly the associated color, it is generally opaque which can also appear in shades such as black, lavender and orange, among the others. As a matter of fact, the mineral is composed of two different elements. One is nephrite which is actually a type of actinolite far different from the other varieties.

Among the semi- precious beads that can be spotted in Asia, jade is abundant in Myanmar where the most exquisite kind is called Imperial. It can also be excavated in the nearby region of Australia which mines chalcedony, regarded as highly valuable in the country. However, there are devious sellers who label another type of stone as more prized therefore, misleading the customers who are interested to purchase. Africa also joins the list where the continent boast of its very own, dubbed as Transvaal.

Turquoise is among the examples of semi- precious beads that have been widely appreciated by people who fancy creating ornamentations. Believed to be very rare, it arrived in Europe as a trade material coming from Turkey in the height of the Crusades. The stone obtained its moniker from a French word where the inherent tones of vibrant blue are rooted from copper. Albeit, there are also witnessed in bright green that is, with the combination of chromium. With a rate of five to six in the MOH scale, this mineral can be readily damaged so extra care should be given.

Due to the fact that turquoise is very exceptional here on earth, this is one of the semi- precious beads that have a grading system in order for the class to be properly recognized. It can be categorized into natural, stabilized, treated, reconstituted and imitation. Natural is very expensive which covers a percentage of three in the global market. Stabilized is soft which has been fused with lucent resin. Treated is more affordable which has been injected with dye. Reconstituted is sort of powdery which has been fashioned into blocks then cut into shapes. Imitation is a look- alike of glass which represents the majority in the business exchange today.

Even if acknowledged as semi- precious beads, they are still very much treasured.

Seed beads

Seed beading history Part of an age-old artwork and décor are seed beads. Around 4,000 years back, the Egyptians used beads to amuse their king as in the case of King Tut, of which beadworks such as a pair of slippers were found in his tomb. Other beaded items did not withstand the test of time and were hard to recognize since the leather or cloth holding them have disintegrated.

In Japan, seed beadworks were found in a temple that dates as far back as the 8th century A.D. The Indian recording of beadworks were dated to belong to the 9th century B.C. and believed to have been worn on hair or tails of horses.

Large-scale production of seed beads was believed to be the Indo-Pacific beads from India and other places. These people dominated bead trading for almost 2,000 years. The year 1480 is considered the modern era in beadworking, when the Venetians learned the craft of turning beads out of tubes.

Seed beads are also derived from many types of materials other than glass. The most popular seed beads are those made of glass fabricated in the Czech Republic and Japan. Other materials used in fabricating them are tile, metal, or porcelain. They constructed to make pieces of jewelry or decorations of garments. Sometimes, it can be hard to work on seed beads due to their sizes but practice and a little touch of creativity will help you succeed in this endeavor.

Uses of seed beads Many centuries ago, these beads were used by English traders as currency or trading items between Native Americans, Africans, and people in their colonies. The beads were available in different dazzling colors, sizes, and designs. Beads can also be employed on several designs or to decorate almost anything. They can be especially handmade by anyone to give as gifts to loved ones for any occasion or to show affection such as love trinkets.

Sizes The typical size range of seed beads is between 1.3mm and 3.3mm – the larger the numbers, the smaller the sizes of the beads. Sizes 11/0 and 15/0 are the popular smaller sizes while the typical largest sizes are those in 6/0 and 8/0 called “pony beads”. You can pronounce them as “six-aught” and “eight-aught” respectively. It means about 8 beads when assembled together measures one inch.

Types Several treatments can be done to achieve dazzling colors of beads. Beads that enclose colors (lined beads) within offer bright colors, however, they wear out in time. “Bugles” have sharp edges and are created from colored glass. Other types of seed beads are coated with a metallic film to achieve an Aurora Borealis effect, which the beads are called. Delica beads take on a standard size fabricated all the way from Japan by a Japanese beadmaker named Miyuki. Additionally, cylinder and charlotte cut beads are other types of seed beads.

Rosary beads

For many Christians, rosaries are an essential tool in keeping the Christian faith close to heart and mind. Christian believers see the rosary as the Gospel in beaded form and serve as both an aid in memory and for meditative prayer as well. The rosary has likewise been looked at as the life of Jesus as seen through Mary’s eyes.

However, not only the Catholics use the rosary. Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims have their own rosaries. Rosaries are made up of beads knotted in a cord, typically used to keep track on the exact number of prayers recited. The Catholic rosary consists of 50 beads, each divided into five decades (with 10 beads in each decade) representing the five mysteries.

Important dates in the history of rosary beads The first concept of the rosary beads were conceived by the Desert Fathers who used prayer rope in the 4th century to count the times the Jesus Prayer had been repeated. In the year 1075, Lady Godiva, an Anglo-Saxon wife of a nobleman, used precious stones that she tied into a cord in order to exactly count her prayers.

In early to the middle of the 12th century, the repetition of the Hail Mary came to be used as a form of devotion. Also in the same century in 1160, a cord of prayer beads was buried with St. Rosalia’s body. The middle of the 13th century was the birth of the term “rosary” as first used by Thomas of Champitre, but was confined in a Marian context instead of prayer beads.

Many centuries after that, there have been numerous developments in prayers and in 1569 saw the establishment of the modern form of what originally were 15 mysteries, as mandated by Pope Pius V. It was in 1597 that the term “rosary” as prayer beads was recorded.

Rosary beads materials Rosary beads are made from a wide variety of materials like wood, glass, bone, crushed flowers, semi-precious (such as agate, amber, jasper or jet) to precious stones like gold, coral, glided silver, and rock crystal. The 19th and 20th was the birth of rosary beads made from the “bead pea” or “rosary pea”. The contemporary times used glass, wood, and resin to make rosary beads.

Over the years, rosary beads have earned the consideration of sacredness and supposedly never to be worn as jewelry. Some rosary beads have holy water or sacred relics enclosed in them. Such is the case for “olive seeds” said to come from the Garden of Gethsemane or “jet” obtained from the shrine of St. James at the Santiago de Compostela. The rosary has recently had other variants including finger rosaries and bracelet rosaries aside from the long rosary. The essential aspect is to have all 10 beads and a cross to signify the end of one decade. Whatever form or type of rosary beads, the sincerity of praying, repentance, and a clean conscience is what will count in Heaven.

Auntie’s Beads: An Ultimate Beading Portal

Heard about Auntie’s Beads? If you are looking for a bead place that can satisfy your needs, Auntie’s Beads can be your best choice. For what reason?

Auntie’s Beads is known throughout the United States as one ultimate supply store to go for excellent and high quality beads. They have been on the business of providing tools and supplies for beading projects for a number of years now, and it’s nice to know that for their long years of experience, Aunties Beads have already made thousands of consumers happy and satisfied with what they’ve got for their beading crafts.

As part of their expansion, Auntie’s Beads had opened their business online. They are currently accessible on the net through their official website: Here, you can find much of what the company offers, including the policies and rules maintained by the store. The good thing about this company is that Auntie’s Beads is regularly updating their site what is new to their stock. Thus, you will be guaranteed to obtain the latest in style beads and other beading materials.

Now, what specific products Auntie’s Beads offer?

Generally, Auntie’s Beads offers both wholesale and retail items for beading projects. Among the most well-known and maintained products in their line include different types of beads like pewter, Swarovski, Bali, Czech, metal beads, Japanese Seed beads, silver, gold, and a lot more. There are also some charms, chains, handmade jewelries, and other beading tools and supplies. These products are offered at pretty reasonable prices, but it is important to note that Auntie’s Beads do not accept minimum order sizes for these items. They offer then significant discounts which are available particularly for those who really place their orders. And, for these discounted items to be obtained, certain coupon codes are given for the maximum discounts on the orders placed.

It is further interesting to know that Auntie’s Beads is now offering their beading tools and supplies online with a hassle free service. They provide a safe shopping guarantee for their customers, and they also place a significant level of importance to their policies for their customers’ satisfaction. They have developed their own return policies to provide their customers the chance to find and obtain the authentic and high quality material.

Well, all of the dedication and commitment shown by Auntie’s Beads are basically considered to obtain their company’s aim, which is to lead the industry or to be the first resort for beads.

So, if you are currently doing a jewelry or craft project and you are lacking beads, there’s no other way to go than to This site is accessible any time of the day or night online. Just feel free to visit their site to know more about the company and their products. With the wide selection of beading supplies they carry, you’ll surely enjoy your stay at Auntie’s Beads.

Alphabet beads

“I-L-O-V-E-M-O-M”. How would you like to spell out your affection to your parents, siblings, relatives, and friends? Certainly, the standard ways of letting them know how much we care are through email and greeting cards will make their day, but it will draw a different form of happiness when your loved one receives a special piece made by you with their names on it.

This can be made possible using alphabet beads. You can come up with varying designs through alphabet beads and customize them to give a personal touch. Whether it’s a necklace for your mother bearing her name or it’s a bracelet for your dad. The different styles you can create along with other beads will not only spell out their names, it raises your expressiveness to the next level.

The popularity of beads is timeless. Since time immemorial, beads have been used both for self-expression and self-adornment. The craft also never falls short in capturing the interest of every generation. You can go funky or elegant with beads, and alphabet beads are not an exception.

Having an alphabet beads set doesn’t need to be expensive, and the choices are fathomless. For instance, you can purchase straps or chains for bracelets in many forms and types of materials like silicone, satin, metal mesh, suede, flat cord, snake skin, and genuine leather.

The wonderful thing about alphabet sets is they are available in various typefaces as well as types like sterling silver or rhinestones. To add a distinct look on your alphabet jewelry, you can add in spacers, aluminum beads, or glass beads, ceramic beads, and a variety of colors of special pens as decorative for your beads. To complete your piece, string them on necklace cords and close them with clasps.

Aside from being excellent gift ideas, making beaded jewelry with alphabet beads are worthwhile past times for teens who are bursting with creativity. Bead-making helps them create personalized jewelry items, mobile phone straps, belts, bags, the hundreds of others.

In the age the rising popularity of personalized items, using alphabet beads are a great way to express your individuality. Here are some online resources where you will find alphabet beads in sterling silver. At Jewelry by Xinar, all the beads are in sterling silver, which are 5.2mm in size and designed with a large hole for easy stringing to make necklaces, bracelets, anklets, virtually any jewelry item. All the letter in the alphabet are available including blanks, heart-shaped or square-shaped beads, or create a combination of both.

Additionally, at, sterling silver alphabet beads and many other types of beads are available. The beads come in many sizes and fun shapes. Their beads sizes range from 8mm two-hole letter beads, 4.5mm block, 4.5mm rounded block, 5.6mm block, 5.8 rounded block, heart-shaped letter beads, and letter charms.

Spell your love and affection to your loved ones through alphabet beads. Or adorn yourself, the choices are endless and your piece… timeless.

Shell Beads

Do you believe that the first items employed for bead crafts came from organic materials? When you come to think about it, a whole lot of sense is made especially that such pieces do not easily wear out even if given a duration of more than a year to last. A perfect example is shell beads where the oldest identified kind dated back to 38000 BC. A fossilized one, can you ever imagine how antique the shell is but until now has been preserved?

General Idea Since this planet is dominantly surrounded with waters, shell beads can be obtained from any country all over the world. These items used for bead crafts are not difficult to spot because they grow altogether in a single area. There are also a lot in remote cultures that refer to the inherent desire of humanity to utilize pieces from the environment just to gratify their wants. On another note, shells are not only limited as a means to decorate because its functions appear to be endless.

Aside from shell beads for bead crafts, there are regions that employ shells as a currency. Instead of paper bills, such natural items have been the alternative. These organic materials are also used to seal contracts in a written agreement between two parties. There are also people who give it as a dowry before marriage. This practice is very popular among communities that faithfully carry out what has been passed on to them by their ancestors such as in Kenya, Africa.

Practical Importance It is said that there has never been a period wherein shells were not regarded as necessary. Even in mundane situations, shells will always have a role to play particularly at these contemporary times. The bead craft industry has been finding a niche in the fashion arena. The items have been transformed as jewelries that can be worn on the ankles, arms, ears, neck and shoulders. Setting aside the stylish line, shell beads will never be missed out when you set your foot on a beachfront that is a hot spot for tourists. There are plenty of those materials that can be availed in souvenir shops for foreigners to take home with them.

Even as you stroll along the coastline, you would find yourself enjoying the luxury of picking up shells that you can readily employ as supplies when you have the opportunity to start on performing bead crafts. When you cannot find any which is actually very impossible when you are on the sandy shores, there are shell beads available especially that the business is growing so the demand for more produce has also increased. You do not even have to worry with the cost because a scoop can be bought at a cheap price.

If you happen to spot shell beads, keep it right away because in one way or another, you will discover the significance.

Acrylic Beads

Popularized by hundreds of jewelry and craft stores, the acrylic beads have came out in the market like a special jewelry and art piece. It has been used by thousands of people for jewelry and art purposes, and it’s nice to know that just like the rest of the bead materials, the acrylic beads have made great crafts.

The acrylic beads are offered nowadays by a number of craft stores anywhere in the world. The good thing to know about these beading materials is that they are offered inexpensively. Yes, you can find them at pretty reasonable prices. They are noted significantly for their elegance and style, with almost all acrylic beads featuring transparent pieces that glow in different colors and shades. Just like the rest of the beads, they are molded into several shapes, with the most common highlighting simple balls and cubes. The shapes may also range from the basics to the most complicated and delicate forms like skulls, butterflies, and celestial symbols. And being transparent in nature, the acrylic beads are deemed by many beading experts as a great alternative to glass or crystal beads. It is important to note, however, that the acrylic beads tend to break easily if handled improperly.

Wondering where you can find sets of acrylic beads? If yes, then note that these materials are now available anywhere in the world, from small to large jewelry and craft stores. Perhaps the most effective and easiest way of finding them is to go online.

Yes, you heard me right. A number of online stores are now offering acrylic beads for the computer users to consider. The beads offered at these portals come in varying prices though, but they come more affordable than those offered offline. It is for this reason that more and more consumers are now using the Internet for their own product searches.

For high quality and well-designed acrylic beads, you can consider for any transparent beads. At this site, you can find beads made of acrylic that are highly faceted. There are some that are shaped in birthstone drops, while others come in plain cuts. Also, each of their beads sets are marketed at affordable prices, allowing even the budgeted customers to take what they really wanted to have.

You can also go directly to where hundreds of acrylic beads of different shapes and sizes are offered. The beads featured at this site come in a number of colors, with most of them carefully dyed to achieve the best hues. Several reviews also have it that carries the boldest designs available for beading. This fact is basically what makes a popular site for beading materials online.

A lot more beading portals are operating out there on the web to help you find the right acrylic beads for your beading projects. If you want to find out more, then go online as early as now.

Working With Fimo When Making Beads

Practically for the young ones and young once, working with Fimo in making beads promises an enjoyable time performing the craft of accessorizing. Not only is the type of polymer clay malleable, there are also thirty- six colors to choose from. The material can be easily fashioned into various objects such as sculptures, jewelry pieces, mosaic tiles and figures, to enumerate a few. When the item is baked, it is strong and hard which is an advantage especially when adding treatments on the surface.

Source Upon working with Fimo in making beads, you should arrive at an understanding that it is a type of polymer clay based from plastic. The only difference the material has with natural clay is that, it is formed while still pliable then set under high temperature to coagulate. Having a kiln is not entirely important when using the item because the heat can be easily obtained in a kitchen oven set at 265 degrees to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aside from working with Fimo in making beads, there are other alternatives available when you talk about the variety of supplies you can employ. You can opt for other polymer clays such as Sculpey or Premo. Sculpey glides effortlessly through Klay Guns making the blending of colors a piece of cake. Premo preserves flexibility even in fine areas resulting to less breakage even in putting little details for the final touches.

Instructions Minimal kneading is required when working with Fimo in making beads. Prior to the baking step, it remains to be malleable which is not a hassle if you want to have changes with the design. The material can be modeled with just about any gadget there is. Diversity of shades can also be combined in order to formulate new tones. Once you are done, immediately place the finished item inside the kiln or if you do not have any, in a kitchen oven and set the temperature to 265 degrees Fahrenheit for twenty to thirty minutes. Afterwhich, let it cool thoroughly.

If you desire to merge one color with another when working with Fimo in making beads, that is not much of a problem because there are tricks that are no sweat to be followed. First things first, if you have a pasta machine, the better. However, if you do not have one, you can by all means continue with the procedure. Just place all the shades together in a bowl and stir completely until you notice that the tone has already changed. For a “crack metallic look”, get one piece of polymer clay and press it until the texture is fine. With a slab, cover the exterior with metal leaf.

So, are you thrilled about working with Fimo in making beads? You should be because it means an entire novel approach in decorating.

Origin of wood beads

Wood beads make great imitate jewelry at a far lesser cost. What’s more, wood can be found almost anywhere, so wherever there is wood, you can create your own wood beads. Carpenters and carvers from various regions of the world make use of any available wood species while bead-making was given as an exercise for apprentices or as some form of artwork by journeyman and master during their spare time. The end-result would be amazing variety of designs of wood beads that range in sizes, shapes, and types.

The unfortunate reality about wood beads is that they are taken for granted due to their quantity and because wood is regarded as too common. However, in this article you’ll find the efficacy of wood beads if incorporated into beautiful designs.

Types of Woods Used in Wood Beads Hundreds of types of trees are able to provide materials to fabricate wood beads, among which are bamboo, olive, bayong, sandalwood, ebony, palm, ironwood, apple, rose, and pear, to name some of them. These types of woods are being used for wood beads for either two reasons:: the grain of the wood is fine, or that the wood has aromatic properties.

Olive wood naturally has a wavy, red grain. With age, the heartwood hardens and darkens, which makes an elegant design when made into wood beads. You can find pruned olive wood from each year’s harvest, and craft them into decorative beads.

Sandalwood makes lightweight and light-colored beads, not to mention that the wood has a distinct soothing aroma. In Hindu belief, sandalwood is said to enhance clear perception of whoever wears them.

Rosewood is characterized for its dark, heavy, and dense wood, and wood beads from rosewood naturally feature black and dark brown lines. Apart from the beautiful designs they can create, rosewood is believed to boost your aura and wards negative energies away.

Wood Beads for religious purposes Aside from their decorative characteristics, certain trees are also regarded sacred by some religions. Such is the Bodhi tree, which according to Buddhists belief is where Buddha stood under when he was enlightened.

Rudraksha Beads is one of those wooden beads considered sacred according to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Zen teachings for 5,000 years. The origin of the Rudraksha (literal Hindu meaning, “Eyes of Lord Shiva”) tree is attributed to the Hindu God Shiva. Shiva was said to be meditating for 1,000 years with eyes wide open. When Shiva finally blinked, the first tear that fell from his eyes and landed on the ground became Rudraksha seeds. Rudraksha beads are being used for meditation or worn for everyday use. These beads can be made into simple, elegant bracelet, necklaces, or crafted for prayer or rosary beads. Combined with other beads, it also creates charming designs.

Wood Beads at Jewelry Supply

Looking for wood beads? Crafting your own jewelry piece with wood beads? Need some beads for your art or jewelry project? If your answer to these questions is yes, then there’s nothing best you can do than to go to Jewelry Supply.

Jewelry Supply is basically one of the most well-known bead companies in the United States that supply and distribute all types of beads to the public market. They are located near Sacramento in California and they have been operating for a number of years now carrying a particular goal in mind – to lead the beading industry. With that aim, the Jewelry Supply is doing much of what it can offer just to fulfill that goal. They are continually offering some of the most precious and valuable wood beads and other products, with the best prices and customer service. I bet this dedication and commitment is what makes the Jewelry Supply a popular beading destination in America.

Woods Beads Offered by Jewelry Supply

The wood beads at Jewelry Supply now come in a massive number. Each bead possesses distinct features and each is deemed precious. They come in different styles, sizes, shapes, colors and designs. They also differ in price, depending on how much work and quality is given to the pieces. The good thing about the wood beads at Jewelry Supply is that they are all crafted with great attention to details. They even feature a finish that is of great quality.

Ordering and Shipping Policies

As a supplier of beads, the Jewelry Supply has maintained its own set of ordering policies for their customers to follow. So if you are thinking of buying wood beads at Jewelry Supply, then you need to read and understand all of their ordering policies and terms. Note in the first place that the company had set certain minimum order limitations for their wood beads and other products. Those who are ordering the beads domestically can expect to receive the products within 24 hours. On the other hand, the international orders are shipped in just a matter of 7 to 10 business days. But, for the order to be shipped successfully, certain payments should be considered and the right shipping address should be provided.

The Jewelry Supply is also maintaining certain return policies for their wood beads and other products. So if you think you need to return the wood beads you’ve purchased for certain defects, then you are guaranteed for such right with the company’s return policies. To make your ordering process successful and hassle free, it would be best if you’ll read first all the policies maintained by the company before considering the wood beads at Jewelry Supply.

Note that you can now purchase wood beads at Jewelry Supply through their site online: The site is accessible any time of the day or night.