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Bead patterns

Beads are timeless pieces whether as jewelry, embroidery, or for decorative purposes on bags, belts, slippers, almost anything. The wonderful thing about this 45,000-year-old craft is that beginners can experiment with any design, using their own creativity and the following bead patterns. You can customize these beads patterns according to the style you want to emphasize or your choice of beads. Here are some bead patterns that you can work on during your free time.

Glass Bead Jewelry

This is a pretty funky piece that you can put on with your casual wear, and very easy to make. You will need: assorted glass beads, Beadalon bead stringing wire, clasp set, crimp beads or tubes, needle-nose pliers, and wire cutters.

Begin by cutting the bead stringing wire that is 6 inches longer than the intended length of the jewelry. Thread on a crimp bead and one piece of the clasp set. Bend the tip of the wire about two inches long so that it goes back through the crimp bead, and pull it close to against the clasp. Flatten the crimp bead next to the clasp using the needle-nose pliers so as to prevent it from sliding out of its place. Next, thread all your glass beads into the wire making sure that the first few beads are threaded over both thickness of the wire.

String the other crimp bead into the wire as well as the next half of the clasp, then slide the wire back to the crimp bead and few beads that follow. To finish this project, pull the wire so that the beads are snug up to each other and flatten the crimp bead. Cut the wire at the closest of the beads as possible.

Lariat Necklace

Well, how did you find that project? Once you’ll grow to love beading, it might turn to be one of your most inexpensive and creative hobbies and soon you can work on your own design. This Lariat Necklace pattern is great for casual or semi-casual wear.

You will need: glass beads of assorted colors, a 36″ chain (sterling silver or gold-plated would do), headpins or eyepins, split ring, needle-nose pliers, and wire cutters. Assemble several beaded pendants first: thread some beads on the eyepin or headpin and keep around 1/3″ of the wire then cut off any excess wire. Grip the wire extending over the beads and bend in a direction opposite to you. Next, grip the wire tip and bend it to make a loop. Remember to close the loop securely to the beads. You can opt to attach split rings prior to completely closing the loop.

For the grand finale, attach the beaded pendants to the ends of the chain. Then completely close the loops. Now, you’re ready to wear your Lariat Necklace.

There are hundreds of online bead patterns, however, you might find some bead patterns to be a bit hard to do. Don’t worry, just practice on the simpler bead patterns and you’ll get the heck of it eventually. Have fun!

Bead Pattern

Do you consider yourself a neophyte when talking about putting together small or large trinkets that are created in distinctive shades and textures? Well, that is not much of a problem anymore because with the assistance of a bead pattern, you can already call yourself an expert in your own right. Yes, you heard it correctly. Since you already have a model right before your eyes, all you have to do is to carefully follow and voila, in just a matter of days, depending on your speed, you will behold the wonder of what you can actually do.

Beads have never been out of the trend even with the rise of diverse modern flairs available in the market. When you look into country- style residences, you will not fail to miss this art. The tied- back curtains on the windows are just one of the many examples. You can also spot plenty bead adorned items on top of the tables such as rustic candle holders or transparent glass vases. However, the most popular are picture frames that are bordered with a huge collection of stones.

Jewelry bead patterns are one of the common types that people new to the craft are acquainted with. They begin by creating accessories that can be casually worn everyday such as simple bracelets, dangling earrings and stranded necklaces, amongst others. Starting with ornamentations can actually help in setting the pace because the pieces are easy to finish right immediately. Most likely, upon completing an item, you will be motivated to come up with another and be more playful with various colors the next time around.

Loom bead pattern has a classic elegance that up to this juncture, has been widely appreciated. If you look into Native America, you will discover that this has been employed in mostly all of their imported materials, be it a moccasin top or traditional headband, to name a few. Today, you can still stumble upon different designs that fall into this category. Most of the handiworks can be cased and mounted on the walls for display. Some are even transformed as tote bags that will contain your personal belongings.

If you want to obtain a sample of a bead pattern, you can visit websites of Fire Mountain Gems ( that has a selection of more than seven hundred pieces or Aunt Molly’s Street ( that will give you more than a dose of practical information you can apply.

Creating and Finding Wonderful Bead Designs

Bead making can really be a great way to kill time especially for someone interested in arts, jewelry and crafts. It can turn into a passion and can even make a good start for a very profitable business. And, much to your surprise, bead making won’t require you to pay a lot for your work. All you have to do is invest a bit of time and effort and everything will be done perfectly and smoothly.

However, the real challenge in bead making if finding the right bead designs. As many bead artists have said, a successful beading project is made possible not with the availability of the materials needed, but through the presence of the design. After all, the beads can work or can be used in almost all designs available.

The good news is that bead designs can be obtained easily as long as you know how to imagine something perfect for your craft. Yes, to some degree, creating bead designs requires your imagination. And, the beads and other materials you have at hand can help you make a good start.

So if you are thinking of developing a beading project, pay attention to the beads you’ve got. With the beads and your imagination, there’s a great possibility that you can create a good bead design. However, when thinking about wonderful and right designs, also consider the scope of your art project, as well as its size. This is important for the reason that not all jewelry or craft stores specialize in beading, so they can’t easily give you everything you’ll need for your design. Just like the rest of the stores out there in the physical world, they are limited to what they have in their inventory.

But, that doesn’t mean there’s no chance for you to find some help. Today, with the power of the Internet, you can find some ideas for creating wonderful bead designs as long as you are willing to spend enough time searching for them online. Finding these resources can of course give you a bit of a headache, but as long as you persist in order to find the great ones, you’ll succeed. After all, there are now some sites out there on the web specializing in bead designs.

One important thing to note when searching for bead design ideas on the net is that not all beading sites are reliable and reputable. There are some them that can be considered “fly by night” sites. These are the portals that do not make everything to meet what they’ve promised to their customers. And, becoming a victim to these corrupt and unreliable sites can be very disappointing. So the point here is, be careful. And, once you’ve got the ideas needed for you to create your own design, then value and use them according to what you need and want.

Bead catalog

Learning to appreciate beadworking as a craft puts forth innumerable possibilities. Beads are a thousands-year-old craft and every generation seems to be bedazzled by this artwork. It’s enough that beaders create beads into various designs for themselves, but giving beads as gifts signifies your affection.

For novice beaders, beading might seemingly be an enormous task. However, you might find that the simplest patterns of jewelry items make wonderful designs. This is because beads come in colorful ensembles and are inspiring little things to do during past times or as a full time endeavor. It’s actually a hobby that can be turned into a worthy business.

One of the helps for those who are just starting out to bead are bead catalogs. Online sources for bead catalogs include patterns, bead collections, and techniques on how to make beadwork easier. Not only that, bead catalogs allows beaders to explore on designs apart from those in the patterns. Aside from jewelry patterns many bead catalogs feature beadworks for purses, box purse, bags, cigar box purse, and plenty of others.

Online Bead Catalogs Beads Manufacturers, at, offers almost a complete catalog for different types of beads including Cabution Stone beads, pearl and stone jewelry, semi-precious stone, plain silver, silver beads, etc. Under their Cabution Beads catalog are African Amethyst, Black Onyx, Chalcydony, Labradorite, Lapis, Tiger Eye, and Rainbow Moonstone.

The Silvers Bead Catalog include alphabet beads, corrugated beads, spacer beads, barrel and cylinder beads, end caps beads, unique beads, cone beads, round and oval beads, small beads as well as connectors. If your desire is semi precious stones, they have in offer African amethyst, aquamarine, rose and blue quartz, garnet, crystal, tourmaline, white rainbow and many more.

Bead Studio is another online site that provides bead catalogs to assist in your beadwork. They offer magnetic beads, assorted beads, bells, buttons, strands, crystals, plastic beads, glass beads, letter beads, pearls, resin, rhinestones, Japanese seed beads, sterling silver, as well as other beading materials and tools.

The magnetic beads offered in their bead catalog range in sizes from 4mm to 8mm round beads, and faceted tube. Magnetic beads, meanwhile, is currently used as an alternative drug by many professions engaged in physical activity to alleviate body pains. However, you can prove that yourself.

The crystal collection displays crystals in many variants of shapes and colors. The collection itself allows beaders to create their own brilliant designs. The crystal bead catalog also includes drops, hearts, HK crystal, rondells, and many others.

The timeless of beauty of pearls is showcased in the pearl catalogue in many kinds and colors. Choose from pearls of colors blue, bronze, grey, white, multi-colored, peach/pink, bronze, etc. Some of the pearls are perfectly round while faceted pearls are likewise available.

The great help of bead catalogs for beaders to come up with unique designs is inspiring. These ensembles make it possible for beaders to pick out which beads to use and choose from the many beads available easily. Your next bead catalog is just a click away.

Using Beading Patterns

Beading Patterns Increase The Interest Of A Product

A dress with exotic or colorful beads is usually admired by all around. The beads sparkle or dazzle with crystals, gemstones or colorful plastics. A purse enhanced with beads is usually the intricate work of a skilled person. All of the products that are enhanced with beading are more interesting because of the beads. The beads on the most beautiful items are applied by talented people who devise a beading pattern for their work before they start applying the first bead. The beading patterns can be the original creation of the person decorating the product, but could also be a beading pattern made by others for their use.

Beading patterns can be used to add an accent around the collar of a garment or a border around the edge of a purse. These designs would take a limited number of beads, and they could be from a very simple design. Other beading patterns could be to cover an entire dress for an elegant wedding or social occasion. The beading patterns could be one from famous designers or from people working to become famous. The beading pattern will be made considering the type of materials that will be used. A beading pattern for an elegant dress beaded with diamonds or expensive crystals must be carefully designed to account for the budget.

Beading Patterns Are Made With The Budget In Mind

Each precious gemstone used in a beading pattern could cost a fortune. The pattern used to place the beads on one of these garments must account for each bead placed on it. There are many beautiful patterns available for those who would like to place beads on a special garment or purse. These provide a guide for the person in charge of the beading. This pattern is the equivalent of a road map that keeps the person in charge of the beading on track. The pattern will help the person place each bead in the appropriate color if necessary.

There are some beautiful patterns for beading that are available at specialty shops and websites devoted to beading. Some of these patterns are available without charge. Besides a guide to the color and shape, the pattern will guide the individual with information on starting points and other pertinent information. The beading patterns are often part of a kit to make a specific item. There are some wonderful kits that provide all of the instruction necessary for an elegant lampshade. Other guides include the information to make a glamorous necklace or some trendy earrings. These kits are usually designed by experts who can guide even a beginner.

Finding Beading Patterns

Where to Find a Great Beading Pattern

When it comes to beading, one of the most important things of all is to find a really great beading pattern. There are so many out there, so many different options that are available to you, that it can often be rather overwhelming and even sometimes frustrating simply trying to decide which ones to go with, however as long as you take your time and put a bit of effort into the process, then you should come out of it with some really great results.

Finding That Great Beading Pattern

In order to find a great beading pattern you first need to know where to look. The Internet is probably the best resource that you have for this sort of thing, because you have hundreds of thousands of options available right at your fingertips, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Kimberly Chapman

This is a great website where you can find a beading pattern. All the patterns were designed by Kimberly Chapman herself and she allows all the patterns to be downloaded and printed, so long as it is for personal, non-commercial use. Some of the beading pattern options that she offers are: goddess keychain, a celebration of womanhood, Tutankhamen’s mask, Winnie the Pooh, Australian flag, and the dragon box.

Indian Child

This is another one of your best options when it comes to finding a great beading pattern, and this company is one that not only offers a variety of patterns, but valuable beading information as well. For instance they mention how bead colors are affected by many things, just consider the effect of threads, background colors, neighboring colors, and so on.

They offer a number of different beading patterns, from easy to difficult, and so regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced beader, you will be able to find the perfect beading pattern for yourself. Some of their offered selections are: cockatiel earrings, buffalo earrings, heart barrette, heart earrings, poinsettia earrings, poinsettia barrette, and flag barrette.

Being Creative

Then of course if you are especially creative you can always come up with your own beading pattern. This will require more time and effort on your part, however at the same time it means that you can create a completely unique and personalized design, one that no one else will have the same of, and you will feel that much prouder once you have completed it.

Beading Pattern

What You Need To Consider To Get An Eye Catching Beading Pattern

It makes good sense for one to cut out and stick into a scrapbook whatever great beading pattern one comes across; especially those that are eye catching and very pleasing to the eyes as it will help broaden your horizon with regard to your beadwork, and there is certainly going to be a lot of things that will catch your eye which you can cut out and use later on by converting these images into a beading pattern that will stand out and impress everyone.

Personal Style

It certainly pays to be alert and catch whatever designs you find from the surroundings and uses them in a beading pattern that will then have the mark of your own personal style stamped on it. Of course, it should not in any way cramp your creative juices; rather, it is a means of making the artist in you flower and bloom because as you get to know your own tastes in color and design better, the better will be your chances of creating outstanding beading patterns that will not only please others, but will also give you a feeling of self satisfaction as well.

Suffice to say that the next time you think up a new stitch, your creative juices should start to flow, and a whole new world of bright ideas will form in your head that can be best expressed in a newer and better beading pattern. Thus, by learning new stitches and making a point of being bold and unafraid to explore different colors, textures and stitches, you should get greater satisfaction from the beading pattern you created.

It is a fact that you will be able to come up with more innovative and newer designs after a bit of experimentation; so, you could try making various swatches using different colored threads because, with different threads, the color as well as luminosity will change. And, for those that are very particular about beading patterns, there is plenty of scope to creating excellent works by taking away an extra tight first row here, or using better clasps there – so that the whole image changes to the way that you have imagined it.

You should also be aware that using bead colors requires that you study the effect of threads and in addition, you should know which background colors work best as also which neighboring colors to use while also being sure about the effect of light on the color of beads that you are using in your beading pattern so that you get the best effect from your creation. With such simple means, you should be able to get the most from your beading pattern and consequently makes better beadwork as well.

Beading Heart Jewelry

Information on Beading Heart Jewelry

Beading Heart Jewelry is one of the most well established and well known jewelry companies in the world. They are a business that offers unique, one of a kind beading heart jewelry designs, which are designed to be affordable and here you can find everything from bracelets, anklets and earrings to necklaces and pendants. However, even though they are one of the best companies in the world when it comes to jewelry, if you want an option other than buying from Beading Heart Jewelry, then you can make your own.

Making Your Own Beading Heart Jewelry

If you want to make your own beading heart jewelry, the first thing you are going to need to do is get the necessary materials together. Although the materials you will need will vary, depending on what type of jewelry you are going to make, the basics always tend to remain the same. For a typical beaded heart necklace, you will need: 2 clam shells, 2 crimp beads, a variety of other beads of your choice, nylon or other beading thread, and super glue. You are also going to need a sharp pair of scissors, flat-nose pliers and a corsage pin.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is knot one end of the thread, and then you can trim off the excess with your scissors so it is not in the way. Thread the unknotted end of the jewelry thread through the hole in one of the clam shells, and then drop a dot of glue onto the knot. Using the pliers, you want to close the shell tight over the knot, and insert the jewelry thread through the crimp bead. Now you want to string on your remaining beads, and finally, insert the second crimp bead. Now you have to thread on the second clam shell so that it is facing away from the other beads, as this is going to be part of the closure on the necklace.

The next thing you need to do is tie a loose knot somewhere on the remaining thread, insert the corsage pin through the loose knot, and then, holding on to the thread with one hand and the corsage pin in the other, you want to tighten the knot using the corsage pin to push it towards the inside of the clam shell. Using your pliers you want to close the clam shell, and you are finished.

You can really be as creative and innovative as you want, and you really want to have some fun with it, but just make sure that you plan out your design beforehand so you will be pleased with it when it is done and so that the design itself will be even and balanced.

The best thing to do is to take a bit of time before you actually get started and sketch out a few designs that you like. Not only will this help you to figure out which you want to try out first, but as well will allow you to determine what materials you are going to need for each design. Being organized is incredibly important here, and will help you to come out with the best possible results.

Beading for Home Decor

Beaded Curtains Are An Excellent Example Of Using Beading For Home Décor

For anyone wishing to incorporate beading for home décor the good news is that beads are once more in fashion and far from being used only in fashion items, are also being incorporated in things such as curtains and the designs as well as styles that are available are many. In fact, using beading for home décor is something in which beads are helping in showing off fabrics to best effect, and today they are being used more than ever before.

Buy Them Readymade Or Make Them Yourself

Of course, your first thought when thinking about beading for home décor would no doubt be to look for ready made beaded curtains. Or, if you are dexterous with your hands, you may wish to make them for yourself and what’s more, there are plenty of styles as well as shapes to choose from for even a single curtain.

If you want to use beading for home décor and are not sure about the types of beads to use, you can play safe and begin with small ones and also opt for drapes having beaded trims, and even a simple thing such as having one string of beads on the hem can do wonders for your old curtains. You will also find that beadings are good for reflecting the lights and the room is given a more shimmering look thanks to the presence of beads.

You might also want to experiment with beading for home décor on a somewhat larger scale and could even fancy having curtains with beading in the entire fabric such as few spangles, or even those that are sewn in or glued on to the curtain which will make an ordinary window come to life, and you can also design the beads to have a formal or informal look.

And, if you are even more bold and enterprising you could think of having curtains that are completely beaded, which will suit an informal area very well, especially in a children’s room, or it also will make an excellent means of dividing a room giving the place a more casual effect, though you should not use them where there are not going to be any curtains. Even a beaded creation hanging on the wall creates a very pleasing effect which will be sure to catch the eye. What is really pleasing about using beading for home décor is that you can also get your bedding to also be coordinated with the beads on your curtains, or you could match towels with beads in the bathroom.

The bottom line is that beading for home décor can dress up a room very well, and being very versatile decorations, there is much you can do with them and create a look and feel that is most pleasing.

Beading Designs

Beading Designs For Everyone

So you’ve got your beads, you’ve got your thread (or whatever pliable substance you are going to use to hold the beads together), and now you’re wondering what to create. You could make a bracelet, but there are thousands of beaded bracelets in the world. No, you want a beading design that’s unique. Something that not many people would normally thing of. How about taking the bracelet idea one step further? I’m going to tell you how to make a great gift, a beaded watch.

Beaded Watches

This is one of the easiest beading designs you can make. Basically the theory is the same as if you were creating a beaded bracelet, just this time you need to slip a clock face on. Take a few strands of wire (thread, rope, etc.) and thread the clock face about halfway through. Slip on whatever different fancy beads you would like to compliment your time-telling device, and then secure the end. Do the same thing to the other side, and use a hook or clasp to attach the two ends. That’s how simple it is to turn a dull beading design into something better (and more useful).

Cell Phone Charms

A beading design that has recently cropped up as being popular with teenagers is the cell phone charm. I recommend that you use glass beads, they look better, on a short two or three inch wire. Most cell phones have an antenna or a hole that you can attach the wire to. If you cannot find any good places to tie it off, DO NOT use the battery charger hole, especially if you are using thin wire for your beaded charm. You could hurt yourself and cause the battery terminal to malfunction.

Perhaps, if you couldn’t find a space on your cell phone that would fit with your charm, you could put it somewhere else, say, on a Christmas tree. Beading designs make great ornaments, and when you make yourself a really nice one you can save it and use it for years, then when you feel the time is right you can pass it down to your children as a token of your love.

Say you are looking for a beading design for a 2D picture. What are you looking for? You can make hundreds of different pictures, thousands even, out of beads. Think of them as little building blocks. Beading designs such as American flags, sharks, and much more can be downloaded online so that you can know exactly what you need and how you need to go about it. Remember, beading designs are only as good as your imagination and creativity, so think big!