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Making beaded watchbands

What a great idea!

Making beaded watchbands fulfills Grand Rapids woman’s lifelong pursuit of …

“Lora Conley buys castoff watches at garage sales, replaces the batteries and creates beaded stretch bands that give these watches a new look. She uses beads that she takes from necklaces. GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Lora Conley has been making things most …The Grand Rapids Press –”

 Beaded watch bands

I hope this has inspired you to use beads in a new way!

Gold Beads

For many centuries gold has been considered a treasure, especially when people colonised a land far from home. Stories of the Pirates and Spaniards on the Caribbean Ocean make it clear how highly gold was prized.

Taking Care of Gold Beads

If you have any gold beads stashed away in your cabinet, take them out and check for stains. If you see any, it means you need to do something to restore them to their natural beauty. If you have beads that come in a variety of colors and styles, the procedure for each is the same.  After all, they’re all created from the same mineral. If you carefully follow the guidelines below, the original luster of your items will be regained in less than hour.

* There are several products available on the market that are designed to clean gold beads. However, don’t need to buy a bottle because mild detergent and tap water is enough to remove stains on your necklace, earrings or bracelet. A brush is essential, especially when you are washing a delicate filigree stone. There may be times when the beads should be soaked for about a minute in a solution consisting of six parts water and one part ammonia.

* Polishing with a cloth is also a huge help in preserving the glitter of gold beads. Not only does fabric help eliminate the smudges, it also makes your jewelry appear like  new.

* It’s important to avoid getting your jewelry in contact with household chemicals like chlorine because this substance can actually fade, or worse, damage the gems mounted on the item.

* Appropriately storing your gold beads is also essential for protection. When you place them inside a box, prevent the pieces from rubbing against each other to avoid scratches. It’s a good idea to make small partitions that separate each item from another. You can also use individual pouches.

So, are you prepared to delve into your drawer and begin the necessary steps to bring back the glitter in your gold beads?

Glass Pony Beads

No, they’re not hairy beads! Pony beads are made of either plastic or glass. Pony beads have smooth surfaces, are slightly oval in shape, generally bigger than seed beads and smaller than crow beads. Typical sizes for pony beads are 5mm, 6mm, and 9mm.

Immersed in various finishes, these beads come in many different colors in transparent, opaque, marbled, or Aurora Borealis finish. The beads, which may also come in a heart-shape available in its plastic version, are great for simple single strands such as bracelets and necklaces.

To give an idea of the possible designs you can make from glass pony beads, this project creates a 20″ necklace using glass pony beads. The following materials are needed to make this necklace: 2 ounces of glass pony beads (choose between two and nine colors), 2 sterling silver crimps, 1 sterling lobster clasp, 1 sterling jumpring, 22 inches of C-Flex Beading Wire, a pair of pliers, a crimper tool, and a pair of wire cutters.

The first step is to thread the first crimp into one end of the beading wire, then string the clasp on after that. Hold the other end of the wire and slip it back through the crimp to form a loop that secures the clasp. Snug the loop close to the clasp so that there is about ¾” tail of beading wire left, making sure it’s not larger than the crimp. Using the crimping tool, fold the crimp so that the two strands of wire are flattened.

String one bead into the beading wire. Pull the ¾” tail to make it longer to be able to string all the beads together. Simply use the pliers if the beading wire is hard to pull out. Next, cut off the tail so as to secure it on the first bead. The glass pony beads that would follow should snugly fit against the first bead. Continue stringing the beads onto the beading wire until the length is 19 ½”. Experiment with color patterns or simply string any color variation onto the wire to suit your style.

After all the desired beads are stringed on the wire, string the second half of the sterling crimp then the jumpring on, and bend the beading wire back into the crimp to form a loop so that the jumpring is secured in it. Same with the procedure on the other clasp, give a little space from the last bead and insert the tail of the wire into it. The pliers will help you grip the wire better. Next, slowly snug the crimp and the last beads to the rest of the beads while the end loop should not be small enough so that part of the jumpring is still loose. Lastly, use the crimper to flatten the crimp tightly to the wire then cut the tail of the wire so that it will be hidden inside the beads.

This project should give you an idea of how glass pony beads will look when made into a piece of jewelry. You can also add a pendant or other beads to give a variation to the glass pony beads.

Beaded jewelry

Are you in the mood for wearing pieces of beaded jewelry? Well, the practice of using beads for self-adornment began at least 45,000 years ago, and guess what, the fabulous trend still radiates in any generation. From religious rites in South Africa to Hollywood stars, beaded jewelry can be a fashion statement of a generation, or signifies individual style.

Beaded jewelry comes in thousands of designs and creates varied looks for your. Whether you go for the classy glass beads designs or the funky fimo beads, whatever mood you want to create, beads make almost anything possible. There are several types of beaded jewelry available in the market that range in prices (from the very affordable wood beads to the expensive Pandora beads or Swarovski crystals) like bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and even earings

The history of people’s desire to wear beads began since time immemorial. At the tomb of King Tut (of Egypt) was found jewelry with beads made from semi-precious stones that adorned his slipper. This find was dates to be 4,000 years old. Moreover, a latest find from an archeological digging site includes the crude version of beaded jewelry (made from ancient shells) worn by a human ancestor, which is estimated to be 75,000 years old.

There are ready-made pieces of beaded jewelry as well as custom-made ones. Pandora jewelry allows bead-lovers to assemble their own jewelry like bracelets or necklaces to create a look distinct to you. A regular Pandora bracelet can cost around $1,800.

Moreover, there are several beads fabricated from glass, wood, seed beads, ceramic, semi-precious stones, pearls, pure gold, and diamonds. Jewelry crafted from beads also serves varying purposes. In indigenous cultures, beads are used in rituals. On the other hand, beads are also thrown on the street during occasions like a Mardi gras.

Making beaded jewelry While its fun to buy a ready-made jewelry, having your own creation is equally worthwhile. All you need is some creativity and patience. Eventually, it will grow to become a hobby. Aside from the beading necessities like beads, thread, and needle, the hobbyist can make use of other materials to come up with unique and beautiful beadworks.

Making jewelry out of beads also involves several techniques, which you may practice like stringing and wire-working. A few types of strings like nylon, metal wires, twine, and silk threads may be used. Wires are used for beaded jewelry items like necklaces, earrings, and hairpins, as well as to attach clasps. The advantage of wearing jewelry made of beads is the variety it offers. You can choose from the expensive combo of gold and silver, corals or pearls, to the inexpensive accessories fabricated from plastic and wood.

To enhance the effect of beads, different stitching and knotting techniques may be used as well. Whether wearing them for your own, or giving them as gifts, beaded jewelry items almost always enunciate self-expression and style.

Where to Buy Beaded Jewelry Gifts

Thinking of buying beaded jewelry gifts for yourself or for your teenage friends? Wondering where on the planet you can possibly find the high quality beaded jewelry gifts? Well, these beaded gift items are available in almost every jewelry and craft stores online and offline. They are sold at reasonable prices, and finding the right places can be easy with lots of them available out there.

However, if you want to stay trendy and obtain the beaded jewelry gifts easily and quickly, there’s nothing best you can do than to go directly online. Yes, you heard me right. Hundreds of jewelry and craft stores have already designed and developed their own sites on the web to allow their consumers to obtain their products in instant manner. The best thing to note about these online stores is that their services and products are available 24 hours a day. So you’re free to do your own search any time of the day or night. Aside from that, most of the online jewelry and craft stores which offer beaded jewelry gifts offer their products at the best deals. Some come discounted, while others are a bit pricey. The beaded gifts also come in different styles, colors, and designs and all of these differences are considered to suit everyone’s need.

If you are serious with your plan of buying beaded jewelry gifts on the web, start looking for the right items at the following portals: is owned personally by Stephanie White, a bead artist who designs some of the most precious beaded jewelries available online. Note, however, that the beaded jewelry gifts offered here are designed primarily for women. boasts a wide selection of such items, and they are offered at discounted prices. There are also some pieces for men, but the items are limited in number. It is further important to note that all of the designs offered by SWCreations are handmade. They are crafted in the United States.

Here is, another notable site to visit for beaded jewelry gifts and other supplies. This store is currently run and managed by a bead artist named Shirley Gordon and all of her pieces are handmade. The good thing about their products is that all are made with the finest materials, including birthstones, swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, sterling silver, 14K gold, and other precious gemstones. The products are also designed with the customer’s desires in mind. is also out there to give you further selection of beaded jewelry gifts. You can find a wide selection of necklace, bracelets, ear rings, watches, and other jewelries made from high quality beads. Just like the above mentioned stores, the beaded jewelry gifts offered at this portal are all handcrafted. They are offered in set at reasonable costs.

There are a lot more jewelry and craft stores out there that can give you a wide selection of beaded jewelry items. But if you want to make a good start, the above mentioned sites are great enough for you to consider.

Beading Designs

Beading Designs For Everyone

So you’ve got your beads, you’ve got your thread (or whatever pliable substance you are going to use to hold the beads together), and now you’re wondering what to create. You could make a bracelet, but there are thousands of beaded bracelets in the world. No, you want a beading design that’s unique. Something that not many people would normally thing of. How about taking the bracelet idea one step further? I’m going to tell you how to make a great gift, a beaded watch.

Beaded Watches

This is one of the easiest beading designs you can make. Basically the theory is the same as if you were creating a beaded bracelet, just this time you need to slip a clock face on. Take a few strands of wire (thread, rope, etc.) and thread the clock face about halfway through. Slip on whatever different fancy beads you would like to compliment your time-telling device, and then secure the end. Do the same thing to the other side, and use a hook or clasp to attach the two ends. That’s how simple it is to turn a dull beading design into something better (and more useful).

Cell Phone Charms

A beading design that has recently cropped up as being popular with teenagers is the cell phone charm. I recommend that you use glass beads, they look better, on a short two or three inch wire. Most cell phones have an antenna or a hole that you can attach the wire to. If you cannot find any good places to tie it off, DO NOT use the battery charger hole, especially if you are using thin wire for your beaded charm. You could hurt yourself and cause the battery terminal to malfunction.

Perhaps, if you couldn’t find a space on your cell phone that would fit with your charm, you could put it somewhere else, say, on a Christmas tree. Beading designs make great ornaments, and when you make yourself a really nice one you can save it and use it for years, then when you feel the time is right you can pass it down to your children as a token of your love.

Say you are looking for a beading design for a 2D picture. What are you looking for? You can make hundreds of different pictures, thousands even, out of beads. Think of them as little building blocks. Beading designs such as American flags, sharks, and much more can be downloaded online so that you can know exactly what you need and how you need to go about it. Remember, beading designs are only as good as your imagination and creativity, so think big!

Beaded bezel polymer clay cabochon (Seed beads size 15/0) | Beaded jewelry —

Hello Beads Friends!
In this video I want to show you a new try I made I bezeled a polymer clay cabochon using just one kind of beads, specifically seed beads size 15/0. I hope that this creation of mine can be an inspiration for you, see you soon on the next video. Have a nice beading!


Duration : 0:3:13

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Does anyone know where I can find good free seed bead patterns to make jewelry?

Favorite Beaded Necklace

Easy Beading Pattern

How to make a Wrapped Loop – Blue Moon Beads – Beading / Jewelry Making Video Tutorial .:. Learn how to create a Wrapped Loop using beading wire to create your own unique jewelry. Learn how to make jewelry. Hosted by Stefanie Girard. Visit for more project ideas.

Duration : 0:1:51

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magnetic bead jewelry.what was that?

anyone know about magnetic bead jewelry?

i just come across this website a few days ago and found this information about magnetic bead jewelry.