Alphabet beads

“I-L-O-V-E-M-O-M”. How would you like to spell out your affection to your parents, siblings, relatives, and friends? Certainly, the standard ways of letting them know how much we care are through email and greeting cards will make their day, but it will draw a different form of happiness when your loved one receives a special piece made by you with their names on it.

This can be made possible using alphabet beads. You can come up with varying designs through alphabet beads and customize them to give a personal touch. Whether it’s a necklace for your mother bearing her name or it’s a bracelet for your dad. The different styles you can create along with other beads will not only spell out their names, it raises your expressiveness to the next level.

The popularity of beads is timeless. Since time immemorial, beads have been used both for self-expression and self-adornment. The craft also never falls short in capturing the interest of every generation. You can go funky or elegant with beads, and alphabet beads are not an exception.

Having an alphabet beads set doesn’t need to be expensive, and the choices are fathomless. For instance, you can purchase straps or chains for bracelets in many forms and types of materials like silicone, satin, metal mesh, suede, flat cord, snake skin, and genuine leather.

The wonderful thing about alphabet sets is they are available in various typefaces as well as types like sterling silver or rhinestones. To add a distinct look on your alphabet jewelry, you can add in spacers, aluminum beads, or glass beads, ceramic beads, and a variety of colors of special pens as decorative for your beads. To complete your piece, string them on necklace cords and close them with clasps.

Aside from being excellent gift ideas, making beaded jewelry with alphabet beads are worthwhile past times for teens who are bursting with creativity. Bead-making helps them create personalized jewelry items, mobile phone straps, belts, bags, the hundreds of others.

In the age the rising popularity of personalized items, using alphabet beads are a great way to express your individuality. Here are some online resources where you will find alphabet beads in sterling silver. At Jewelry by Xinar, all the beads are in sterling silver, which are 5.2mm in size and designed with a large hole for easy stringing to make necklaces, bracelets, anklets, virtually any jewelry item. All the letter in the alphabet are available including blanks, heart-shaped or square-shaped beads, or create a combination of both.

Additionally, at, sterling silver alphabet beads and many other types of beads are available. The beads come in many sizes and fun shapes. Their beads sizes range from 8mm two-hole letter beads, 4.5mm block, 4.5mm rounded block, 5.6mm block, 5.8 rounded block, heart-shaped letter beads, and letter charms.

Spell your love and affection to your loved ones through alphabet beads. Or adorn yourself, the choices are endless and your piece… timeless.

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