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Bead Crafts

Do you know that curiosity leads to discovery? That is exactly what happened to early man who was constantly in search for something that he seemingly found as a lack in the surroundings he was immersed in. Such is also the manner in which bead crafts started. It has actually been around for a long time but when the art was transformed as an accessory, the item was considered as a precious piece since the lavish periods how many centuries back.

Exploration A lot of the supplies employed for bead crafts are believed to have come from another area than where they were originally found. Randall White, a professor at New York University, said that materials excavated in the ancient sites of Europe have often toured about hundreds of kilometers. In Asia, an Oliva shell has been dug deemed to be twenty thousand years old. Specifically uncovered in India, archaeologists relayed that a three hundred kilometer trip was required to bring it back to the nearest waters. Until now, there is no known reason how the item arrived in the area.

Synthesizing Metals such as copper, gold, lead, silver, tin and zinc were spotted in native countries. All of them were employed for bead crafts except for tin which was initially used for bangles. Soon enough, those minerals established an industrial niche and people begun to look for rocks that had a tinge of accessory element in them. Not for long, certain processes of crushing and heating were learned. The approaches were undeniably tedious so brilliant minds continued to be in search until some genius thought of manufacturing their own.

Neolithic Revolution Often dubbed as the Age of Revolution, it was here that people begun to domesticate animals, build settlements, sow crops and develop surplus. In short, the period was the gateway of civilization. As a matter of fact, instead of the chipped instruments, stone tools were employed for the people to easily sharpen the dull edges. It was also at this era where supplies for bead crafts that originated from river pebbles and bird bones were found. There were also other items uncovered inside the caves.

Great Invention Apart from the inventions mentioned in the previous paragraph, another milestone for the Age of Revolution were the bow, rotary motion and shaft. The items were employed by the people in various ways including on how to perform bead crafts. Drilling a hole into a sea husk is a concrete example that was normally done before. The manual act was proven to be more effective and was also used for mundane applications.

In the long period of the existence of bead crafts, there is no shadow of suspicion that the art is admired in any corner of the world.

Bead catalog

Learning to appreciate beadworking as a craft puts forth innumerable possibilities. Beads are a thousands-year-old craft and every generation seems to be bedazzled by this artwork. It’s enough that beaders create beads into various designs for themselves, but giving beads as gifts signifies your affection.

For novice beaders, beading might seemingly be an enormous task. However, you might find that the simplest patterns of jewelry items make wonderful designs. This is because beads come in colorful ensembles and are inspiring little things to do during past times or as a full time endeavor. It’s actually a hobby that can be turned into a worthy business.

One of the helps for those who are just starting out to bead are bead catalogs. Online sources for bead catalogs include patterns, bead collections, and techniques on how to make beadwork easier. Not only that, bead catalogs allows beaders to explore on designs apart from those in the patterns. Aside from jewelry patterns many bead catalogs feature beadworks for purses, box purse, bags, cigar box purse, and plenty of others.

Online Bead Catalogs Beads Manufacturers, at, offers almost a complete catalog for different types of beads including Cabution Stone beads, pearl and stone jewelry, semi-precious stone, plain silver, silver beads, etc. Under their Cabution Beads catalog are African Amethyst, Black Onyx, Chalcydony, Labradorite, Lapis, Tiger Eye, and Rainbow Moonstone.

The Silvers Bead Catalog include alphabet beads, corrugated beads, spacer beads, barrel and cylinder beads, end caps beads, unique beads, cone beads, round and oval beads, small beads as well as connectors. If your desire is semi precious stones, they have in offer African amethyst, aquamarine, rose and blue quartz, garnet, crystal, tourmaline, white rainbow and many more.

Bead Studio is another online site that provides bead catalogs to assist in your beadwork. They offer magnetic beads, assorted beads, bells, buttons, strands, crystals, plastic beads, glass beads, letter beads, pearls, resin, rhinestones, Japanese seed beads, sterling silver, as well as other beading materials and tools.

The magnetic beads offered in their bead catalog range in sizes from 4mm to 8mm round beads, and faceted tube. Magnetic beads, meanwhile, is currently used as an alternative drug by many professions engaged in physical activity to alleviate body pains. However, you can prove that yourself.

The crystal collection displays crystals in many variants of shapes and colors. The collection itself allows beaders to create their own brilliant designs. The crystal bead catalog also includes drops, hearts, HK crystal, rondells, and many others.

The timeless of beauty of pearls is showcased in the pearl catalogue in many kinds and colors. Choose from pearls of colors blue, bronze, grey, white, multi-colored, peach/pink, bronze, etc. Some of the pearls are perfectly round while faceted pearls are likewise available.

The great help of bead catalogs for beaders to come up with unique designs is inspiring. These ensembles make it possible for beaders to pick out which beads to use and choose from the many beads available easily. Your next bead catalog is just a click away.

Using Bead Boards

So you’ve got the whole beading supplies ready and you’re bursting with ideas on how to design your beaded masterpiece, but you stumble on a little problem, how do you use a bead board?

Let’s begin by classifying bead boards. There are only a few types of bead boards available in the market today, but at least all of them have long U-shaped or horizontal channels across the board where you can place your beads as you begin to work. Along the groove are markers that represent an inch (longer marks) or half an inch (the shorter marks). These marks help you figure out how long your beadwork will be. Near one edge of the board are storage compartments for your beads and other tools.

In your search for bead boards, you’ll probably find that some have more than one groove. You can use the other grooves if you’re planning to work on a piece with more than one strand such as multi-strand bracelets or necklaces. These grooves guide you to make sure the strands are in equal lengths.

As soon as you’re ready with your bead board, select the beads you will be using and start placing them within the groove. Then, apply your design by rearranging the beads in the grooves. At this point, apply various styles on your design, whether you want to incorporate a pretty beaded jewelry design you’ve seen on the Internet into your own. Just let you creativity fly, rearrange and scramble the beads. You can’t do this without a bead board.

After coming up with a design, it’s now time to string the beads onto a stringing material like a nylon thread or metallic wire. If you have a repetitive design, you might as well tie one end of the string to prevent the beads from falling off in case of accidents. For symmetrical designs, find the center and secure both ends of the string with bead stoppers (these should be available in bead stores). Also, consider subtracting a few beads for the clasps and ensure that there is enough length of string on the bead board for them.

Market available bead boards Multi-strand bead boards measuring 9.5″ x 12.5″ allows you to make necklace designs up to 28 inches long. Some have six compartments where to hold the beads assembled to prevent rolling.

Multi-strand 21.25″ x 8″ straight bead boards feature four rows to guide in designing 20″ multi-strand necklaces.

Single U-channel 40″ bead board guides in designing long strands and help keep the beads in place without worrying about losing the design.

Although you can actually proceed with your beadwork without bead boards, using them can tremendously help in sticking to a design and save time.

What is a Beading Table?

Remember when you were a child and your mother or father would take you to the pediatrician’s office? Remember all those little toys that the doctor had, little race cars and teddy bears? Do you remember the beading table? Well, if you do, then you had a pretty strange doctor. Not many pediatricians have beading tables in their offices, but what they did have was normal bead tables. It might not seem important but there is a very large difference between a bead table and a beading table. Bead tables are small, plastic desks that usually have three or four multi-colored wires sticking up through the tabletop in different directions. Each plastic wire has multiple large colored beads that children push through, following the twisting wire to their end. I remember those when I was a kid, and although I never really understood the point of them, I always had to push all of the beads to the opposite end of the wire.

Old Times around the Table

On the other hand, a beading table is a place for a few people to sit around with a ton of different beads and everyone creates masterful forms of artwork. Sitting around the beading table, people share ideas and techniques for beading, be it a new move to tie off the bracelets or a telling the others about the new type of beads that you found online. Contests, even races can be held around beading tables, where all of the people sitting have the same time to complete a certain design, and the first person to complete it correctly wins. Beading, some people say, is one of the lost social arts of the past. Nowadays people are too busy in their life to just sit down and make something, everyone is out and about with no time to slow down.

These Days…

Of course in these rapid and convoluted days not many people have time to sit around the beading table every Sunday and share, but fortunately a woman by the name of Deborah Roberti has created an online version, a site called Around the Beading Table, in which she offers different bead patterns for sale. In addition to that, she brings back the atmosphere of old beading tables by offering tips and tutorials for techniques that may be a little complicated. If that’s not enough, she even offers her own reviews of beading books, telling you which one will be the most helpful for what you need. You can find her site at, and from her site you can browse her favorite links to other types of beading sites.

Proper Beading Storage

Regardless of whether you are an avid beader or not, if you have any beading supplies at all you should really invest in at least some form of beading storage, so that you have a place to keep all of your beading materials and equipment, so they will not get lost and so that they will be organized and you will be able to easily find what you need the next time you go to bead.

What is Proper Beading Storage?

There are various different ways in which you can store your beading supplies. Beading storage boxes are one of your best options, and they are very similar to jewelry boxes both in the way that they look and the way that they function. The secure, well made beading storage boxes are the perfect answer to many a bead storage, and they are also incredibly affordable as well.

There are also beading storage tubes, which are similar to test tubes. They range from 1″ for very small quantities, up to 3 3/4″, which are the perfect size for larger quantities of seed beads. These beading storage containers are perfect not only for beads but also for your needles, thread, pins, and more.

You also have the great option of beading storage trays, which are typically made from plastic and which have several different compartments so that you can store a variety of beading materials in the same place.

Buying Beading Storage Products

If you want to buy some of these fantastic beading storage products for yourself, there are a few great companies out there that you will want to take note of. One in particular is Shipwreck Beads. They offer an incredibly large selection of storage for your beads and beading supplies, including: acrylic storage boxes, aluminum boxes, bags and baggies, bead trays, beading trays, cotton bags, jewelry bags, needle cases, plastic storage boxes, portable carrying cases, stacking jars, storage trays, travel cases, wooden jars and more.

Another great company that would be helpful to you here is A Bead Store, a company that offers all of the basic tools and supplies that you need for beading and jewelry making, and in particular a nice selection of products that will help you to store and organize your beads and beading supplies.

One of their best-selling beading storage products are their stack jars, which are among the many options that they offer for storing your beads. They allow you to store your beads and beading supplies in a modern and organized way, and because they are stackable they save space. These jars are available in a variety of sizes and colors, although clear plastic is generally the best bet because then you can easily see what you have in which jars.

Having the proper storage for your beading supplies is crucial, and will end up saving you a great deal of time, money and effort in the long run.

Beading Sites

Online Beading Sites

The internet is a wonderful tool. It allows virtually anyone in the world to connect with anyone else who owns a computer; they share any type of information, be it lessons on how to cook a turkey or a review of the latest blockbuster movie. In this case, the internet is being used to relay to you multitudes of information on beads, beading, and everything crafty.

Beading sites can be found simply by going to a search engine, be it Google or Yahoo or MSN, and typing in any kind of phrase that has the word ‘bead’ in it. However, since there are billions of websites out there, and I’m sure more than two or three mention the word ‘bead’, it would be helpful to have a small guide to tell you what the best beading sites are, so you can cut through all the fluff of search bars and go straight to the content that you are searching for.

Fire Mountain Gems

When you look at the link, you probably wouldn’t think that they do a very large bead business. You’d be wrong though, and you’d know it as soon as see their logo, which proudly exclaims that they are in fact a beading site. This website offers everything you could ever possibly want from a beading site. It has different ideas, designs, even materials for sale. Not only that, but the section of the site titled Beading University shows you great ways to learn new designs or enhance your beading skills.

KC Beading Designs

If you aren’t looking to create beaded artwork yourself, but you like the way it looks, then is right for you. This beading site offers thousands of different bead art and jewelry, all for sale through online credit card or your Pay Pal account. This website offers some of the most interesting beading designs I have ever seen, including beaded rings.

Aunt Molly’s Bead Street

Aunt Molly’s has this homey, classroom atmosphere that I love. This beading site focuses more on the teachings of beadwork, and while it does offer a small section of downloadable beading designs and pictures, the real important part is the classes. Aunt Molly offers actual classes to teach people how to become better at beadwork, and you can register by going to the site and following the instructions there.

There are hundreds of other beading sites on the internet, and it wouldn’t surprise me if even better ones than these began to show up in the near future. However, with these three pages at your disposal, you should have adequate instruction, materials, and plans to make yourself a good piece of beaded art.

Beading Sea Shell

Where to Find a Beading Sea Shell

Beading is one of the most popular and widely loved hobbies in the world. Anyone of any age can participate in beading, and it is a hobby that brings people from all over the world together. Not only that, but as well you can either bead purely for fun, or you can take it more seriously and make it profitable. It is very easy to start up a beading business, and you can make it as small or large as you like.

There are tons of different jewels and beads that you can use to make jewelry with, and one of the most popular is the beading sea shell. A beading sea shell can really work by adding that final touch to any piece of jewelry, and it can work for both casual and dressy designs. You will often see a beading sea shell on pieces from the most prominent designers in the world, and if you are a beader yourself and are wondering where you can go to purchase these sea shells, then you should know you have a couple different options available to you.

Your Best Options

One of your best options for a beading sea shell is Artbeads, a company that is known as being one of the web’s leading suppliers of everything to do with beading. They are a company that caters to individual jewelry makers, as well as to various bead shops and organizations.

They offer genuine Swarovski beads and rhinestones, as well as sterling silver charms and pendants, gold-filled and pewter jewelry pieces, Czech glass beads and more, with one of their most popular items of all being the beading sea shell. Their sea shell is a Swarovski 6723 40mm seashell pendant crystal, and is positively breathtaking.

A different company that offers these beading sea shells is Fusion Beads, a company that, besides these sea shells, offers a variety of beading materials and equipment, including: Swarovski crystal beads, Swarovski pendants, Swarovski components, Swarovski crystal pearls, fire polish glass beads, pressed glass beads, artist beads, round seed beads, seed bead shapes, alphabet beads, sterling silver beads, brass beads, plated beads, semi-precious beads, wood beads, freshwater pearls, and much more.

They definitely offer one of the largest and most varied selections of beading supplies in the world, and so they are definitely a company that you are going to want to check out if you are looking for a beading sea shell or any other type of beading supply.

Using Beading Patterns

Beading Patterns Increase The Interest Of A Product

A dress with exotic or colorful beads is usually admired by all around. The beads sparkle or dazzle with crystals, gemstones or colorful plastics. A purse enhanced with beads is usually the intricate work of a skilled person. All of the products that are enhanced with beading are more interesting because of the beads. The beads on the most beautiful items are applied by talented people who devise a beading pattern for their work before they start applying the first bead. The beading patterns can be the original creation of the person decorating the product, but could also be a beading pattern made by others for their use.

Beading patterns can be used to add an accent around the collar of a garment or a border around the edge of a purse. These designs would take a limited number of beads, and they could be from a very simple design. Other beading patterns could be to cover an entire dress for an elegant wedding or social occasion. The beading patterns could be one from famous designers or from people working to become famous. The beading pattern will be made considering the type of materials that will be used. A beading pattern for an elegant dress beaded with diamonds or expensive crystals must be carefully designed to account for the budget.

Beading Patterns Are Made With The Budget In Mind

Each precious gemstone used in a beading pattern could cost a fortune. The pattern used to place the beads on one of these garments must account for each bead placed on it. There are many beautiful patterns available for those who would like to place beads on a special garment or purse. These provide a guide for the person in charge of the beading. This pattern is the equivalent of a road map that keeps the person in charge of the beading on track. The pattern will help the person place each bead in the appropriate color if necessary.

There are some beautiful patterns for beading that are available at specialty shops and websites devoted to beading. Some of these patterns are available without charge. Besides a guide to the color and shape, the pattern will guide the individual with information on starting points and other pertinent information. The beading patterns are often part of a kit to make a specific item. There are some wonderful kits that provide all of the instruction necessary for an elegant lampshade. Other guides include the information to make a glamorous necklace or some trendy earrings. These kits are usually designed by experts who can guide even a beginner.

Finding Beading Patterns

Where to Find a Great Beading Pattern

When it comes to beading, one of the most important things of all is to find a really great beading pattern. There are so many out there, so many different options that are available to you, that it can often be rather overwhelming and even sometimes frustrating simply trying to decide which ones to go with, however as long as you take your time and put a bit of effort into the process, then you should come out of it with some really great results.

Finding That Great Beading Pattern

In order to find a great beading pattern you first need to know where to look. The Internet is probably the best resource that you have for this sort of thing, because you have hundreds of thousands of options available right at your fingertips, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Kimberly Chapman

This is a great website where you can find a beading pattern. All the patterns were designed by Kimberly Chapman herself and she allows all the patterns to be downloaded and printed, so long as it is for personal, non-commercial use. Some of the beading pattern options that she offers are: goddess keychain, a celebration of womanhood, Tutankhamen’s mask, Winnie the Pooh, Australian flag, and the dragon box.

Indian Child

This is another one of your best options when it comes to finding a great beading pattern, and this company is one that not only offers a variety of patterns, but valuable beading information as well. For instance they mention how bead colors are affected by many things, just consider the effect of threads, background colors, neighboring colors, and so on.

They offer a number of different beading patterns, from easy to difficult, and so regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced beader, you will be able to find the perfect beading pattern for yourself. Some of their offered selections are: cockatiel earrings, buffalo earrings, heart barrette, heart earrings, poinsettia earrings, poinsettia barrette, and flag barrette.

Being Creative

Then of course if you are especially creative you can always come up with your own beading pattern. This will require more time and effort on your part, however at the same time it means that you can create a completely unique and personalized design, one that no one else will have the same of, and you will feel that much prouder once you have completed it.

Beading Pattern

What You Need To Consider To Get An Eye Catching Beading Pattern

It makes good sense for one to cut out and stick into a scrapbook whatever great beading pattern one comes across; especially those that are eye catching and very pleasing to the eyes as it will help broaden your horizon with regard to your beadwork, and there is certainly going to be a lot of things that will catch your eye which you can cut out and use later on by converting these images into a beading pattern that will stand out and impress everyone.

Personal Style

It certainly pays to be alert and catch whatever designs you find from the surroundings and uses them in a beading pattern that will then have the mark of your own personal style stamped on it. Of course, it should not in any way cramp your creative juices; rather, it is a means of making the artist in you flower and bloom because as you get to know your own tastes in color and design better, the better will be your chances of creating outstanding beading patterns that will not only please others, but will also give you a feeling of self satisfaction as well.

Suffice to say that the next time you think up a new stitch, your creative juices should start to flow, and a whole new world of bright ideas will form in your head that can be best expressed in a newer and better beading pattern. Thus, by learning new stitches and making a point of being bold and unafraid to explore different colors, textures and stitches, you should get greater satisfaction from the beading pattern you created.

It is a fact that you will be able to come up with more innovative and newer designs after a bit of experimentation; so, you could try making various swatches using different colored threads because, with different threads, the color as well as luminosity will change. And, for those that are very particular about beading patterns, there is plenty of scope to creating excellent works by taking away an extra tight first row here, or using better clasps there – so that the whole image changes to the way that you have imagined it.

You should also be aware that using bead colors requires that you study the effect of threads and in addition, you should know which background colors work best as also which neighboring colors to use while also being sure about the effect of light on the color of beads that you are using in your beading pattern so that you get the best effect from your creation. With such simple means, you should be able to get the most from your beading pattern and consequently makes better beadwork as well.