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Beading Instructions

Beading Instructions Provide Road Maps To Beauty

Beading can add glamour and beauty to many different items and produce wonderful products. Beading instructions are designed for beginners without experience and other beading instructions provide guidance for experienced beaders looking to improve their skills and products. Beading instructions can help the beginner start to make beautiful projects. These beginning projects could be to add a few beads to a special collar or a purse. Other projects for beginners could also be a bracelet or a pair of earrings. Beading instructions can get a person on track for an interesting hobby or even a new career.

Beading instructions are available from shops that sell beads for special projects, and there are people available to demonstrate some of the techniques. There are also some kits that come with instructions for special projects. These kits will include the instructions necessary to complete a project, but each person should make sure that they choose projects at the appropriate levels. Beginners should never get a kit that is too advanced for this might end in an incomplete project or a lot of frustration. The beading instructions usually identify the appropriate levels of expertise required.

Beading Instructions Help Children And Adults

Beading can be a great hobby for children, and it can also provide them with a means to add to their allowance. The instructions appropriate for young children often come in kits that will be exciting projects for children of all ages. The end projects of these kits complete with detailed instructions are usually products that young children will love to wear or give away for presents. Young children who complete projects could also produce some projects to make a little money to add to their allowances. Even young children can do some beading to make some exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Beading instructions are usually precise guides for finishing a project. Although some adults might start out using these projects as hobbies, the beading could lead to a lucrative enterprise. Some of the beading projects produce very sophisticated pieces of jewelry that could be sold to customers at different venues. The projects available will help anyone learn how to complete some gorgeous beading. Adults might want to join a class for initial instructions, and then they can increase their skills incrementally. After a few projects, individuals can produce wonderful pieces that would rival the products seen in some of the best department stores.

Beading Heart Jewelry

Information on Beading Heart Jewelry

Beading Heart Jewelry is one of the most well established and well known jewelry companies in the world. They are a business that offers unique, one of a kind beading heart jewelry designs, which are designed to be affordable and here you can find everything from bracelets, anklets and earrings to necklaces and pendants. However, even though they are one of the best companies in the world when it comes to jewelry, if you want an option other than buying from Beading Heart Jewelry, then you can make your own.

Making Your Own Beading Heart Jewelry

If you want to make your own beading heart jewelry, the first thing you are going to need to do is get the necessary materials together. Although the materials you will need will vary, depending on what type of jewelry you are going to make, the basics always tend to remain the same. For a typical beaded heart necklace, you will need: 2 clam shells, 2 crimp beads, a variety of other beads of your choice, nylon or other beading thread, and super glue. You are also going to need a sharp pair of scissors, flat-nose pliers and a corsage pin.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is knot one end of the thread, and then you can trim off the excess with your scissors so it is not in the way. Thread the unknotted end of the jewelry thread through the hole in one of the clam shells, and then drop a dot of glue onto the knot. Using the pliers, you want to close the shell tight over the knot, and insert the jewelry thread through the crimp bead. Now you want to string on your remaining beads, and finally, insert the second crimp bead. Now you have to thread on the second clam shell so that it is facing away from the other beads, as this is going to be part of the closure on the necklace.

The next thing you need to do is tie a loose knot somewhere on the remaining thread, insert the corsage pin through the loose knot, and then, holding on to the thread with one hand and the corsage pin in the other, you want to tighten the knot using the corsage pin to push it towards the inside of the clam shell. Using your pliers you want to close the clam shell, and you are finished.

You can really be as creative and innovative as you want, and you really want to have some fun with it, but just make sure that you plan out your design beforehand so you will be pleased with it when it is done and so that the design itself will be even and balanced.

The best thing to do is to take a bit of time before you actually get started and sketch out a few designs that you like. Not only will this help you to figure out which you want to try out first, but as well will allow you to determine what materials you are going to need for each design. Being organized is incredibly important here, and will help you to come out with the best possible results.

Beading for Home Decor

Beaded Curtains Are An Excellent Example Of Using Beading For Home Décor

For anyone wishing to incorporate beading for home décor the good news is that beads are once more in fashion and far from being used only in fashion items, are also being incorporated in things such as curtains and the designs as well as styles that are available are many. In fact, using beading for home décor is something in which beads are helping in showing off fabrics to best effect, and today they are being used more than ever before.

Buy Them Readymade Or Make Them Yourself

Of course, your first thought when thinking about beading for home décor would no doubt be to look for ready made beaded curtains. Or, if you are dexterous with your hands, you may wish to make them for yourself and what’s more, there are plenty of styles as well as shapes to choose from for even a single curtain.

If you want to use beading for home décor and are not sure about the types of beads to use, you can play safe and begin with small ones and also opt for drapes having beaded trims, and even a simple thing such as having one string of beads on the hem can do wonders for your old curtains. You will also find that beadings are good for reflecting the lights and the room is given a more shimmering look thanks to the presence of beads.

You might also want to experiment with beading for home décor on a somewhat larger scale and could even fancy having curtains with beading in the entire fabric such as few spangles, or even those that are sewn in or glued on to the curtain which will make an ordinary window come to life, and you can also design the beads to have a formal or informal look.

And, if you are even more bold and enterprising you could think of having curtains that are completely beaded, which will suit an informal area very well, especially in a children’s room, or it also will make an excellent means of dividing a room giving the place a more casual effect, though you should not use them where there are not going to be any curtains. Even a beaded creation hanging on the wall creates a very pleasing effect which will be sure to catch the eye. What is really pleasing about using beading for home décor is that you can also get your bedding to also be coordinated with the beads on your curtains, or you could match towels with beads in the bathroom.

The bottom line is that beading for home décor can dress up a room very well, and being very versatile decorations, there is much you can do with them and create a look and feel that is most pleasing.

Beading Designs

Beading Designs For Everyone

So you’ve got your beads, you’ve got your thread (or whatever pliable substance you are going to use to hold the beads together), and now you’re wondering what to create. You could make a bracelet, but there are thousands of beaded bracelets in the world. No, you want a beading design that’s unique. Something that not many people would normally thing of. How about taking the bracelet idea one step further? I’m going to tell you how to make a great gift, a beaded watch.

Beaded Watches

This is one of the easiest beading designs you can make. Basically the theory is the same as if you were creating a beaded bracelet, just this time you need to slip a clock face on. Take a few strands of wire (thread, rope, etc.) and thread the clock face about halfway through. Slip on whatever different fancy beads you would like to compliment your time-telling device, and then secure the end. Do the same thing to the other side, and use a hook or clasp to attach the two ends. That’s how simple it is to turn a dull beading design into something better (and more useful).

Cell Phone Charms

A beading design that has recently cropped up as being popular with teenagers is the cell phone charm. I recommend that you use glass beads, they look better, on a short two or three inch wire. Most cell phones have an antenna or a hole that you can attach the wire to. If you cannot find any good places to tie it off, DO NOT use the battery charger hole, especially if you are using thin wire for your beaded charm. You could hurt yourself and cause the battery terminal to malfunction.

Perhaps, if you couldn’t find a space on your cell phone that would fit with your charm, you could put it somewhere else, say, on a Christmas tree. Beading designs make great ornaments, and when you make yourself a really nice one you can save it and use it for years, then when you feel the time is right you can pass it down to your children as a token of your love.

Say you are looking for a beading design for a 2D picture. What are you looking for? You can make hundreds of different pictures, thousands even, out of beads. Think of them as little building blocks. Beading designs such as American flags, sharks, and much more can be downloaded online so that you can know exactly what you need and how you need to go about it. Remember, beading designs are only as good as your imagination and creativity, so think big!

Beading Crafts

Beading Crafts Provide Many Unique Possibilities

There is a lot more to beading crafts than necklaces, bracelets and dangling earrings. Some of the more original designs for beading crafts include using heavy beading wire to create spider decorations or flowers from multicolor beads. Hair accessories can include bobby pins in bright colors and in a variety of shapes, working from a pattern or from a pencil drawing from the head, the only limitation on what can be created with beads in the individual’s imagination.

While many are familiar with beaded necklaces and bracelets, adding a unique touch to home entertainment can be done by slipping one of the beading crafts over the neck of a bottle of wine. The beads can be complimenting or contrasting to the color of the bottle and may lead to business for the savvy entertainer. Single-strand braids or multiple strands of small beads can be used to create bookmarks. From on half-inch wide to up to three-inches, these beading crafts can have a name or picture incorporated on them, making them a truly unique gift item.

Another popular beading crafts item is glass and wire incense holders, designed in popular colors and made to hold stick incense in a more vertical position that tradition flat incense burners.

Glass Beads Make Beautiful Suncatchers

Using beading wire and glass beads in the shape of butterflies or dragonflies can serve as suncatchers in the home or on the road. These types of beading crafts can be an individual design or made to order for customers, adding another edge over the beading competition. With a few larger beads and properly shaped wire, ornament hooks can be created for the holiday to show off the beading crafts talent as well as favorite ornaments.

Making projects stand out among all the rest can be accomplished in many ways but the best way to make the work seem much better than others is to use unique designs and colors. Using beading software can help design patterns from pictures or drawings, enable the beading crafts expert to create items others can only hope to achieve.

For those who are not in to beading crafts as a business, it can be a way of passing time relaxing while creating unique and personalized gifts for friends and loved ones. Some shy away from beading crafts due to their belief it is only for necklaces and those attempting to recreate Native American jewelry. By being open to non-traditional designs they find it to be an interesting hobby.

Beading Catalogs

The Advantages of Beading Catalogs

If there is one thing that is most likely to help you with your beading in general, it is beading catalogs. Not only do beading catalogs offer tips and advice, for every beading enthusiast, whether they be just starting off or an experienced professional, but as well they give patterns, advice on where to buy your beading supplies, and much more.

The Best Beading Catalogs

There are a few catalogs in particular here that are especially worthwhile, one being the Shipwreck Beads catalogs. They actually offer various catalogs on different beading subjects of interest, including: bead and wire, decorative, knitting, projects, step by step, wire, wire chain, wire jigwork and wrapping.

You can subscribe to any of these catalogs for a low monthly or annual price, and have them delivered right to your doorstep. These catalogs are incredibly beneficial and offer a wealth of beading related information that you can learn from. Everything from tips and tricks to the most recent beading discoveries, you will find it all in these beading catalogs.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is another popular beading supply company that offers beading catalogs, and these are catalogs that you are definitely going to want to check out. They even offer them online, so if you have access to a computer and the Internet then if it is more convenient for you, you can browse through their catalogs online.

Not only do you receive valuable information about beading in these catalogs, but as well you can choose from all of their offered selection. This includes: Swarovski crystals, gemstone beads, glass beads, metal beads, natural beads, pearls, acrylic beads, seed and bugle beads, turquoise beads, chains, findings, clasps, pendants, and much more.

Their Swarovski crystal components are always popular, and that is because Swarovski crystals are truly the standard of the beading industry. They feature flawless craftsmanship and lively, vibrant colors. They are always the first choice for the professional jewelry maker, and at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads you can find a very comprehensive selection of shapes, sizes and colors of these Swarovski crystal components to use in your own designs.

Besides catalogs, you can find valuable beading information in books, magazines, and by conducting your own research, for instance on the Internet. Even taking just a couple minutes here and there to read up on the hobby of beading and the tricks of the trade will help you to become a much more advanced and experienced beader.


Beading Enhances Different Products

Beading can be applied to several different products, and usually beading will transform an ordinary product into one with elegance and class. The beading is produced with many different beads. The beading could be made from beads of one color or from many different colors. The beading could be produced with beads made of several different materials. Beading on a dress, purse or tapestry could be made with beads from pewter or precious metals including gold and silver. The beads could also come from other materials including glass or brilliant crystal. The beading could be made from plastic beads or even precious gemstones.

Beading could come from beads that are collected around the world. Some cultures around the world treasure beads. These cultures often have some of the most beautiful beads. These often have intricate designs that have special meaning and value to the local culture. A trip around the world to some of the countries that specialize in beads would be a treasure trove for a devoted beading expert. This would even be a great adventure for people who just love beads even if they cannot produce products with these treasures.

Beading Adds Color And Sparkle

Beads added to gowns, purses and other products could increase the price of the product depending on the beads. There are some wedding dresses and ball gowns that cost thousands of dollars because of the beads used to decorate the dress. The beads could be from the precious metals or valuable gemstones. There are some wedding dresses that have been created using valuable gemstones. There are some dresses that might have some beads applied at special places on the gown, but there are other gowns that are covered completely with beads. The wedding gowns made with special beads usually add great sparkle to a special ceremony.

Beads can be very expensive to add sparkle to a dress, but there are other beads that add interest or color. Some of the beads from faraway places such as Africa or Thailand have special interest because of their origins. The African beads could be from one of the many tribes from this mysterious continent. Beads from Thailand or other places in the Orient could be from many different tribes or groups of people. There are countries in Europe that have specialists making beautiful beads. The Czech Republic and Austria are two countries that have special beads. Other beads might add special features including a name made with letters of the alphabet imprinted in the bead.

A Guide to Tapestry Beading

There are various different forms of beading that you can choose from, one in particular being tapestry beading. Tapestry beading is one of the more decorative forms of beading, but it is also the most difficult. Basically it is just like any other type of beading only with the use of tapestries.

What are Tapestries?

Tapestries are forms of textile art, and they are typically woven by hand on a vertical loom. Colorful patterns and images are created by the weft-face weaving technique that is used, in which all the warp threads are hidden in the completed work. This is much different from cloth work, in which both the warp and weft threads are usually visible.

There are numerous famous tapestries in the world which can be used as examples, such as the Apocalypse Tapestry, which is the longest tapestry in the world at 140m long. Then there is also the Sampul tapestry, the Hestia tapestry, the Bayeux tapestry, and the Hunt of the Unicorn, which is a seven piece tapestry from 1495 to 1505, and which is currently being displayed at the Cloisters, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Tapestry Beading

Tapestry beading occurs when beads are placed over top of these bright and beautiful types of designs, and although tapestry beading can be quite a demanding project in terms of time and effort, it creates stunning results in the end.

There are certain materials that you need to use for this particular sort of beading, and in particular you need very sharp needles. Tightly woven tapestries will require an especially sharp needle in order to be able to penetrate the weave, while looser fabrics require a blunt tipped needle. This is because the blunt needles basically just push aside the fabric threads that you are beading on and go in between them.

Determining the proper thread size is also very important when working on tapestries, and the thread that you are using will decide how large an eye you are going to need. Typically your pattern will let you know what type of thread you need, or you can do your own research and learn about the particular type of tapestry that you are working on if it is pre-made.

You also always want to be sure of what it is that you want to accomplish, before you get started. After all you do not want to ruin a tapestry by making a mistake, especially if it is a more expensive one, and so taking the time and putting in the effort beforehand to plan carefully is critical.

A Guide to Loom Wood Beading

Beading is a fun and fabulous hobby, and there are actually a few different types of beading you can do, one in particular being loom wood beading. Loom wood beading is basically just like regular beading only you use a loom to complete the actual beading process. There are many different styles and types of beading looms to choose from, each of which offers its own separate features and qualities.

The Different Types of Beading Looms

You can make your own loom or you can purchase one at a beading store. Most looms are quite inexpensive but if you buy a larger one you are going to end up paying a bit more. Most people stick with the smaller looms because they are sufficient for most beading projects, such as bracelets and belts.

Learning About Loom Wood Beading

For a basic loom wood beading project you will need: a bead loom, scissors, seed or pony beads, linen or nylon thread, a needle, and bead patterns. The first step involved in loom wood beading is to thread the loom. You do this by unrolling two or three yards of beading thread from the spool, and then you wrap one end of the thread around one of the screws on the loom a couple of times.

Make sure that you are holding the thread tightly, and then slide the long end of the thread through a center slit. Now you want to wind it around the other screw, return it through the opposite center slit, and so on, making sure that you keep the tension even while going through all of the necessary slits. Once you have finished this part of the loom wood beading process, you need to begin bead weaving.

You want to cut off a one-yard length of your beading thread, and thread one end of it through until the length is almost halved, then tie the long end of the thread to the outside warp thread on the loom, making sure to leave at least an inch or two of thread free.

Now you use your needle to pick up the first row of beads, choosing the colors that are specified in your particular pattern. Once you have all of the beads on the needle, you slip them down the thread to the bottom, ensuring that they are snug against the beading threads. Pass the needle now underneath the warp threads, and then pass it through the beads from the opposite direction but this time putting it over top of the warp threads, and this will lock your beads into place for row one.

Then all you do from here is repeat this process for each row, and as you near the end of your thread, you need to run it through the bead row a third time and cut it off, then start the next thread by threading it through the same row a fourth time, then you continue as before, and tie off by leaving just enough of the warp thread to be able to tie a secure knot with your fingers.

Finding Loom Beading Patterns

If you want to bead using a loom, then one of the very first things you are going to need to find are loom beading patterns. There are many different places that you can go to when you want to find loom beading patterns, however there are several in particular that are especially worthwhile, which will be discussed in detail here.

Your Best Options

One of the best places to go for loom beading patterns is Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, which is actually one of the largest and most well established beading supply companies in the world. Besides loom beading patterns, their selection includes: Swarovski crystal and crystal components, gemstone beads, glass beads, metal beads, natural beads, pearls, acrylic beads, seed and bugle beads, wood beads and celestial crystal.

They also offer a wealth of other valuable beading information including tips and tricks of the trade that you can use to become a more advanced and experienced beader.

Another great option for beading patterns is Pin’s Patterns, which is a company that is a very low key, family owned and operated business. They offer advice and information relating to beading that the average person would be interested in, especially beginners. As well, all of their patterns are free and so you do not have to feel hesitant about trying a bunch of different ones out to see which ones are your favorites.

If you do decide to pay for your beading patterns, you want to be absolutely positive before you put any money down on them that they are patterns that you are actually going to end up using. After all, you may find ones here and there that are interesting, but if you are never going to complete the pattern or going to have a use for the resulting creation, then there is really no point in spending money on the pattern.

You should typically only pay money for a pattern if it is one that is unique, or one that you cannot find anywhere else. Otherwise, you are better off just using the various free beading patterns that are available to you, and this way you are not putting yourself at any risk of losing money.