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Beading Tutorials

Beading Tutorials Should Provide Helpful Tips and Tricks About Beading

Anyone interested in learning how to bead would no doubt welcome any sort of beading tutorials is it online or offline, and the fact is that if you look about seriously enough you will come across a number of interesting beading tutorials that provide helpful tips and teach you how to do various things related to beading. One thing you can be sure of and that is that there is certainly a great deal that you will need to learn, especially if you happen to be a newbie. There are different beadwork stitches to learn as too techniques for better beading and a lot more in the same vein.

Choosing Bead Patterns

The beading tutorials that you should consider suitable for you to learn the craft should also teach you how to choose from the better bead patterns and also how to find the required resources to create your beads for you. It is also possible to avail of free beading tutorials vie the Internet, especially through your email account because there are various lessons that can be emailed to you that will teach you beadwork stitching as well as the best techniques to bead as also the bead patterns for each of the beading techniques taught so that you can practice what you have learnt.

You should also look for beading tutorials that teach you how to Brick Stitch which are an off-loom technique of beading that will produce a sturdy as well as closely woven beaded surface by simply using seed beads as well as thread. Another useful method of stitching that you should look for in beading tutorials is the method known as Dutch Spiral that is a circular technique of netting beading in which the spiral is made out of varied sizes of beads such as the bugle bead and also seed beads which results in a texture that is flexibly beaded and which makes for a wonderful look and which drapes very well as well.

Thus, with these and many more different aspects of beading that you will be wishing to learn, you may require finding beading tutorials that incorporate most, if not all of these techniques and which have all the tips, tricks as well as terms to enable you to profit from your learning experience. They should also have a number of lessons on learning how to perform the various beading activities including learning how to organize beads and maybe even something on how to sell your beadwork once you have learnt the craft well enough to want to make money from it.

So, to find the better beading tutorials, you should make an effort to search on the Internet where there are many options for you to choose from, and taking a single small step in that direction should soon see you mastering the art of beading in next to no time.

Beading Tips To Help Keep Projects Together

One of the biggest issues faced by beaders is how to store all the supplies they use on a regular basis. Having everything handy when they need makes their hobby considerably more fun and a few beading tips can help devise a space for the different items used. Keeping the beads organized and easily accessible can be the result of combining many different beading tips developed by those who have doing this for many years.

Other beading tips include how to work with several strands of smaller beads being used to make a larger piece. In some cases there could be numerous strands of different sized beads strung together and will have to sit to the side until all strands are completed. Using a cushioned hair curler to wrap the strands can keep them from unraveling or getting tangled. These are the rollers with the foam cover and plastic clip that folds down over the hair, in this case beads, to hold them securely in place.

Lap trays are often used when working with beads and a little work can make them perfect for this hobby. By using tray dividers, often used in the silverware drawer, inside the lap tray for holding tools or the small containers of beads keeps them all in one place. If beads do accidentally tips, the beads will be captured in the tray before they can hit your lap.

Little Glue Can Go A Long Way

One of the other tough jobs faced by beaders is securing the last bead on the project. Whether necklace, bracelet or a bead covering on a purse, when the beads are on a string making sure the final one does not come loose usually is done by use of beading tips, designed for this purpose. Some are like clam-shell beads and once the string is through the hole are clamped shut. Before closing the bead and crimping it with pliers, place a small drop of glue on the inside to be assured the bead will remain closed.

Those who tie each bead on a necklace to provide additional security seldom use clam shell beading tips on the last strand, preferring the cup-tips to hide the final knot. Essentially, the cup-tip is a half bead through which the string is passed and knotted. A second cup-shaped bead is placed over the first one to make it appear as a bead that is part of the strand. While many snap together, it may be wise to use a spot of glue to keep it from popping apart.

Beading Tools Make Your Beading Hobby Or Business Easier

Whether you make necklaces, bracelets or use beads to add embellishment to clothing, beading tools can make life simpler. Many of the beads you work with may be quite small and difficult to get a grip on and holding them between your fingers while threading the wire can be like threading a needle blindfolded. Having the right beading tools for the job you are involved in doing is an important step to a quality product.

When using some of the smaller beads with small needles, it may be necessary to use a needle threader. This is one of the beading tools that no one should be without. While the needles can be stored in traditional pin cushions, storing them in a needle case made of wood will keep them handy. Additionally, if you have more than one size needle, having a separate case for each size can help keep them organized.

While technically not one of the beading tools, running a thread through bees wax can simplify the beading process and reduce the tension on the thread as it passes through the smallest beads. Gold and silver French wire is commonly used to finish off a string of pearl or other beads and this fine wire should be kept with all the other beading tools in your kit.

Protect Beading Projects From Tarnishing

For those who work with metal as well as plastic and glass beads, protecting the materials from moisture in the air can help maintain the material’s shine. With anti-tarnishing carbon strips in your beading tools box, all the jewelry you make will show off the shine as well as your ability and attention to detail.

When using thin thread for beads, many people knot every bead on the thread. In order to keep the knot tight without breaking, dig into the beading tools box and use a small pair of pliers, or the ones with a slight bend in them to help hold one side of the string while tightening the knot on the other side. Although not everyone will tie each bead, if the string breaks it limits the number of beads that will be bouncing around the floor.

Beading tools can be especially useful when handling small items such as the smallest beads or even wire and string, but should be kept in good repair and maintained properly. If they sit in an area of high humidity between uses, rust could be a problem and there is nothing wrong with storing them on anti-tarnishing strips to help keep them operational.

Beading Necklace Wire

Where to Find Beading Necklace Wire

One of the most basic beading materials is beading necklace wire, as you basically have to use this beading necklace wire in every single design you create. If you are trying to gather some beading materials together and need to know where you can purchase beading necklace wire, then you should know that there are a few worthwhile options.

Your Best Options

One of the best companies you can go to for beading necklace wire is Bead Buddies. They offer one of the largest selections of beading necklace wire and other beading materials in the world, and at some of the most competitive rates. When it comes to beading necklace wire, they offer various different sizes, styles and colors for you to choose from.

Some of their more popular selections are: flexible wire, 28 gauge copper wire, stretch elastic cord, 22 gauge copper wire, 34 gauge wire, 18 gauge copper wire, memory wire, and Accuflex brand flexible wire.

Another company that offers beading necklace wire is Target. There are few people in the world today who are not familiar with Target, and it is definitely a name that you can trust. They are definitely one of your best options if you are looking to conserve the most money possible, but at the same time they offer one of the largest selections of beading necklace wire in the world. You can really find everything that you need for beading here, and at the lowest possible price.

The most important thing is that you determine your options first, and then from here you want to compare and contrast between your top few selections. This is the only way to ensure that you will be getting the best possible quality and value that you can.

Other Materials

There are various other materials that you are going to need as well to complete any beading project, and this includes beads, scissors, thread, wire, cord, a beading loom, and whatever else is required for the particular design that you are working on. You always need to make sure that you check to see what is required for a specific project before you begin working on it, so you can make sure that everything required is accessible and affordable to you.

As long as you do this, and have patience, then you should have no problems and you should come out of this situation with some really beautiful and well-made beaded designs.

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