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How To Make A Silver Vintage-Style Bead Necklace

Learn how to make a vintage necklace using silver wire and glass beads! A Beads Baubles and Jewels project. For more projects and jewelry-making know-how, visit us at or visit for all your jewelry-making tools and supplies.

Duration : 0:7:37

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How to Crimp Beads

How to crimp beads with the 1-Step Crimper from Bead Buddy. A great demonstration of this new product for beaders. Designed for most crimp beads and tubes, easy to use, makes a perfect and reliable crimp every time. Just one squeeze.

Duration : 0:3:57

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“Beyond Beading Basics” di Carole Rodgers | Libri per creare gioielli con perline

Ciao! Nuovo video su uno dei libri che ho di recente acquistato sul sito
Potete reperire il libro anche su siti come

Nel caso di questi due ultimi siti vi ricordo di cercare i libri all’interno della categoria “Books”, dedicata ai libri in lingua inglese.
Oggi vi parlo di “Beyond Beading Basics” un libro di Carole Rodgers. Il libro è in lingua inglese ed al suo interno contiene tutta una serie di progetti che possono esservi di aiuto se siete ancora principianti. I progetti contenuti nel libro sono estremamente semplici da realizzare e vi introducono a tecniche lievemente più complesse per la creazione di gioielli. All’interno troverete le spiegazioni di tecnche che richiedono l’uso di perline, quali peyote, right angle weave, square stitch, netting, ed inoltre ci sono anche progetti che vi illustrano come utilizzare ad esempio perle con più fori. Per quanto mi riguarda il libro non mi ha stupito più di tanto, perché speravo che contenesse qualcosa di più complesso, ma è assolutamente ottimo se siete proprio all’inizio e cercate ispirazioni e progetti semplici da realizzare. Spero che la review possa esservi utile, a presto!


Duration : 0:4:22

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Beaded Grapes Tutorial

A how-to video on creating a grape cluster from beads and wire, suitable for use as a pendant or earrings.

Duration : 0:5:37

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Paracordists MiBSAR ranger beads – how to the tie fixed knot
This is a doubled lanyard knot, in two colors. The signature fixed knot on my MiBSAR all-paracord ranger pace counter beads

Duration : 0:7:0

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Crochet with Jewelry Wire using Beads

Like this tutorial? Check out Crochet A Bubble Necklace at Mikey shows you how to crochet with Jewelry wire and sliding on beads. This is part of a series where he is constructing a bracelet. He’s counting out stitches as he doesn’t want to waste the wire and wants to use it for other things. Bead and stitch counts probably will be different depending on the project you are intending them for.

Duration : 0:4:36

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Book Haul – Beading Books And Polymer Clay Books Review –

Hello Beads Friends!
Here I am to talk about some wonderful books I bought on a fantastic web site:

I hope that this my review can be useful for you, even if while I’m speaking I make a bilion of grammar errors, because I was so excited about the books, that I wasn’t able to focus on grammar :-D
Happy new year to you all, kisses!


Duration : 0:12:16

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Using Perler Beads Patterns

Check out the great patterns that come in many Perler Beads kits, idea books, and all online projects. They are printed at actual size so that if you are using clear pegboards, you can lay the pegboard right over the pattern and follow it easily by color! If you use colored pegboards, the actual size patterns make it easy to count the beads for placement. You’ll get the same great patterns when you create your own designs with Perler Snapshots–try it at

Duration : 0:0:35

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Wire and Bead Rings – Crafts Beautiful January 2008: Jewelry

Create a gorgeous selection of sparkly accessories with buttons, beads and jewellery wire. The simple technique gives stunning results, you’ll be able to make a funky ring to match every outfit.

Duration : 0:9:34

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Basics of Bead Stringing Part Two – Crimp Bead and Bead Tip Tutorial In this video, part 2 of 2, Megan creates a single strand bead necklace. In part 1 she explains the use of crimp pliers, crimp beads, beading wire, and bead tips.

Duration : 0:10:18

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