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How to: Bead Native American Beadwork, Medallion

I made a quick video showing how I bead a Medallion
If I get a good response, I will make more and go into more detail of how to bead. I hope you like this video.. Thanks for watching. :)

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Taos Round Dance
Zuni Sunrise
Quillwork Girl’s Journey
Dosela Boys

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Some Beading Patterns

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My Swarovski Earrings – Beaded Bezel Rivoli Swarovski Crystals | Beaded Jewelry

My Italian Channel:

Hi everyone! In this video I will show some earrings made some days ago. I hope you like it!
See you soon!!!


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Beading: Basic Beading Terms to Know

Beading: Basic Beading Terms to Know – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

When you are starting to bead, it is important to know what you want to do so that you know what you want to learn. It is really hard to go online or go to a bead store or find a class or a tutorial to teach you what you want to know if you do not actually know what that is called. So the five basic beading terms that you should know before staring to begin beading are:

Stringing: Stringing is placing beads onto a string and attaching a clasp. Typically these days this is done on a stainless steel stringing cable, and you attach your clasp with crimp beads. Stringing means that you place the beads onto the cord one right after the other with no knots in between.

Knotting, the second term, is usually done on a silk cord and in knotting you place the beads on the cord following each one with a little, tiny knot that you precisely place right next to the bead. And there are some little tricks that you can learn that make that really, really easy.

Wire wrapping is the third term. Wire wrapping is a general umbrella, kind of encompassing everything having to do with wire. But in its most basic sense, it means taking wire, putting it through a bead in some fashion, and making a loop with a little twisted part to secure the bead, either to another beaded length or to secure the bead onto a chain. And that is something that is really prominent in fashion jewelry these days.

Bead weaving or bead stitching is another term. And this is a really fun way of making jewelry where you actually stitch a fabric or a pattern of beads. So on this piece, this is peyote stitch, and this entire fabric is made strictly of beads and threads. So you start with a pile of beads and make a really pretty thing out of them. Bead weaving and bead stitching is very time-consuming, but you can create absolutely beautiful pieces of art with it.

And the fifth term is metal crafting, which is a very, very general term. At a bead store, and in a beading environment, typically metal crafting will involve what we call cold connecting, which means that there is no fire involved, so it is not scary. But cutting metal, texturing metal, stamping metal to create charms with words or initials on them, and then using rivets to hammer and connect the pieces of metal together to make pendants or bracelets or other pieces of jewelry.

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Beading Ideas – Leather cord Bracelet

How to make a leather cord bracelet using metal rings – – On-line beads shop :

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Beading From Needlework Patterns

I truly admire artistic needlework, but (sadly) I haven’t found the time to give it try. Still, some of the patterns are truly magnificent, and many are available online to use for free — which makes them very tempting to translate into beadwork patterns! Yep, with a little work, it can be done. You just need to select a pattern with sufficiently blocky detail, and decide which grid-aligned beading stitch to use: square stitch or loom beadwork.

This article contains some good site links if you’re interested in needlework patterns and turning them into beading patterns.

How to use Bead Tips – Jewelry Making
In this jewelry making video from, we go over all of the different types of bead tips and why certain bead tips are used with certain stringing materials. A quick video that will give your jewelry a very clean, finished look

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How to Make a Daisy Chain Bracelet with Vertical Spacers

by Catherine Fox for
Use these beaded bracelet patterns to learn this technique for adding a special detail to your daisy chains. The vertical spacers are a little more advances, but they look great!

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How to Make Beaded Jewelery : Using Bead Findings for Making Beaded Jewelry

How to use bead findings, the little parts and pieces used for constructing beaded jewelry; get expert tips and advice on homemade jewelry making techniques in this free instructional video series.

Expert: Sonia Dameron
Bio: Sonia Dameron has been designing and fabricating jewelry and teaching beading for over 20 years.
Filmmaker: Madison Paige

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Beaded Jewelry Basics : Crimp Beads for Jewelry

Keep jewelry beads on with crimp beads. Learn how to use crimp beads in this free crafting video clip from a professional jewelry artist.

Expert: Hydra Alexander
Bio: Hydra Alexander has been a jewelry artist since 1991. She has traveled all over the U.S. making and selling her arts and crafts.
Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

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