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Bead Crochet – abalorios de ganchillo

Instructions for starting a slip-stitch Bead Crochet Rope. Books,software and DVD at

Duration : 0:5:24

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Beading Pattern: St. Petersburg Chain Necklace This is a preview of the beading class showing how to make a St. Petersburg chain necklace.

Duration : 0:5:9

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How to Make Beaded Jewelry : Bead Design: Jewelry Making Basics

Learn how to add bead designs to a beaded jewelry project in this free online arts and crafts video on jewelry making basics.

Expert: Alan W. Rabon
Bio: Alan W. Rabon is Master Artisan at GREAT EGGSpectations Studio and specializes in jewelry making and designing & painting eggshells.
Filmmaker: Blake Borg

Duration : 0:2:5

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Beading Basics-Herringbone Stitch

To view the next video in this series click: Terri Gable of Studio Baboo demonstrates beading basics. She includes several basic stitches such as peyote, brick and herringbone and shows how to correct simple mistakes.

Duration : 0:4:54

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How to use the Spin -n- Bead – Beading
In this beading video from, there’s no need to thread on one seed bead at a time onto your needle, simply spin and go!

Duration : 0:2:32

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How do you make a bead knitted purse?

I really want to make my own purse but I don’t know how to make the cute bead knitted purses. Please describe thoroughly on how to make them and explain what I should buy at the store! Thank you!

It really depends on the style of purse you want to make. You can make a simple flap over purse by casting on enough stitches for the width you want, and knitting every row until you have the length of purse you want. It will also depend on the weight of the yarn you use.

You can find yard with beads or sequins already embedded in the yarn at The sequins are not the cheap foil sequins, they remind me of pieces of shell or stone.

For a small purse, about 4" wide and 8" long using the beaded or sequin yarn from this site, I would use size 5 needles and cast on about 40 stitches. Knit every row until you have a length of 16" then cast off.

Fold the knitted piece and sew the sides together, but leave two inches for the fold over flap. You can sew a small button or bead to help keep the purse closed if you like.

For a strap you can either knit one, buy one, or do what I do and look for purse handles, knitted belts, or other things at thrift stores that can be repurposed for your new purse.

Where can i find free software for designing bead patterns?

I am looking for a free program that will let me design bead patterns for a bead loom. I don’t want a demo and I need to be able to save and print. I have been told that some cross stitch programs will work but haven’t found one yet.

cross stitch software produced patterns usually translate over pretty accurately for the bead loom- I’ve beaded a few pieces using cross stitch patterns!

I did see a free program for bead loom drafting a while back but the software is no longer available and I have deleted it from my computer because I didn’t like it- what I do when drafting a loom pattern on the computer is to copy paste a loom work graph pattern (just the grid- you can download these from quite a few sites!) into paint and then just ‘fill’ the boxes with colour. It’s time consuming but I really prefer to draft my patterns onto hard copy first and them copy them to the computer when I want to keep or share one.

I make beaded jewelry, What would be the best way to advertise & sell my bead work?

eBay – least expensive & best way to test the market before investing in your own online store or website.

I also agree with the swapmeet idea above. You could also market to hair salons & spas, along with candle shops.

The absolute best, and least expensive, mode of advertising is word of mouth. Start making things and getting people excited to wear them everywhere! Your friends, family ~ everyone you know!

Give them as gifts too!

Anyone know about glass beads?

Alright I went to this really nice glass making studio and they showed a course on making glass beads and I thought it was really cool.
Do you think I could make some without a professional studio? Or do I need a lot of expensive equipment just to make begginner beads?
Also I know the basics, you need a rod, glass rod, the cooling stuff and stuff like that , but I don’t know where to buy any of it. Does anyone know where to buy this equipment??

<3 Thanks
I live in Ontario, so somewhere closer to me would be better :)

You can get glass at any number of retailers. We use System 96. All of your glass must come from the same system (same chemical makeup), so once you pick something stick with it. You will need a torch, and the working tools you saw at the studio. These can be purchased at glassblowing supply stores, you are looking for Lampwork/Flamework Glass supplies (as opposed to Blown Glass). You will need a well ventilated area to work in, a garage works fine. You may also need insulating materials to help stabalize your glass while it cools, all of that should also be available with the other supplies.

Where can I find free beading tutorials online?

I am new to beading (jewelery making) and I am looking for additional beading tutorials besides and Can anyone out there help me?

I have many sites on which i have free beading pattern for necklaces, bracelet for beginners to advanced. I have listed them in the resources. Just go to each one and print them out.
If you want more via email them go here. Totally free.